Welcome to Nanning!
     Hello everyone, You can call me Bruce. I am a college boy in GXU. I was born and raised in Nanning city, and I love this place. In Nanning here, You can find lots of information about Nanning in different respects, and you could also know many details about Chinese Culture and lives. I'd like to show you what this city looks like from my website. It's fun~ :-D
In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, there are more than a dozen local languages. This post shows you what we speak.
This post can tell you how to choose the right bus in Nanning city by using google maps.
Today I would like to tell you more about the Nanning Manual rice noodles. Maybe it is the most popular rice noodles.
What is the Chinese Senior Grade Three(12th grade) classroom looks like? See this post.
Caution! Wet Floor!

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Chinglish shows up in hospital in Nanning. Can you understand that?


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picture:stall for entertainment on the roadside in Nanning

CoCo Lee Nanning Concert

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CoCo Lee’s Nanning Concert is coming.

We reach the max of the year on Nov.11~

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November 11th is a unique entertaining festival in Mainland China, called as Bachelor’s festival(鍏夋鑺)

Nanning bird and flower market 鍗楀畞鍥箹璺姳楦熷競鍦

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Nanning bird and flower market is going to be demolished. See it for the last time.

Shimen Forest Park Nanning China 鍗楀畞鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯

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Today I’d like introduce the Shimen Forest Park(鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯), it seems it is the only park in Langdong(鐞呬笢) district

Chinese Chess Board in Nanning China

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Chinese Chess in Nanning is very popular.

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