5 main coach stations in Nanning

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Nanning plays a more and more important role in district transportation and communication. Naning JiangNan Coach StationNow it is a hub of the Guangxi transportation net. In Nanning, there is an international airport, a train station and 5 main coach stations for people go in and go out of this town. Today I’d like to introduce the 5 main coach stations in Nanning, for those people who go into or go out of Nanning by聽 long-distance bus.

There was no so many coach stations in the past, cos there wasn’t so many passengers came to Nanning or passing by. In the past 10 years, the number of the passengers is increasing, so the local government decide to build 4 new coach stations to enhance the long-distance bus transportation. Now each direction of Nanning has one coach station, there are:

  • Lang Dong Station
  • Jiang Nan Station
  • An Ji Station
  • Jin Qiao Station
  • Bei Da passenger transportation center

The exact location is shown on the map below:

View 5 main bus stations in Nanning, China in a larger map

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8 Responses to “5 main coach stations in Nanning”

  1. Thanks Bruce for the information, Great site will keeo coming back.


  2. Bruce, The Dragon Boat Holiday is today I think. I hope you are enjoying it. I had a couple of questions. One is do you know of the name of the bus station that will take people to Yang Mei (old town). I think it is near the train station but I am not certain.

    Also on the large map of Nanning there are several several words on the map that are in darker bold letters. Could you tell me what these areas are? Liangqing, Qinxiu,Shibuzen, Yongning,Xinweizhen, Jaingnan? Are they major areas of Nanning or are they districts or something else? Thank you for any information that you can give me. Enjoy your holiday. I really enjoy this site. You are doing a great job. Danny

  3. A1: I never take a bus to YangMei from that area, but I been told there is a bus station(or should be called as parking lot) to the west of trainstation, on HuaQiang Rd(鍗庡己璺), on the back of that building called 鍗庡ぉ鍥介檯. You can see the building when you be there. BTY, YangMei is not popular amoung my friends, they all say just some old buildings there, not every interesting.

    A2: Nanning area has expanded couple of years ago, so the areas you metioned were once districts of Nanning area and now they become part of Nanning area, but personally I think they still belong to rural area. It just a new administrative division.

  4. How do I travel by bus from Nanning to Wuzhou

  5. my wife and I are staying at the Nanning Landmark Hotel on January 15th. Early in the morning we want to take a bus to the Old Kapok Hotel (also known as Dragon Bay Waterscape City Resort) that is right next to Detian Falls. We would like to leave early in the morning of the 16th from Nanning and return to Nanning early the morning of the 17th. Can you tell me what public buses are available for this and what time they leave Nanning. Do we have to catch another bus or van at Daxin to complete the trip to Detian falls? Do you know what times the buses leave Daxin to get back to Nanning on the 17th?

  6. First you should go to the Jiangnan bus station or Langdong bus station. These two stations have bus route from Nanning to Daxin(where the Detian Falls locates), there are many turns of bus runs between Nanning and Daxin, about one turn per hour. When you arrive Daxin, you should find some local bus or taxi to get to your hotel. You want to know the bus time table you should call the bus station. Good luck!

  7. Hello, could you please show me how get to airport from Lang Dong station? Thanks

  8. Hi,
    I am looking at taking train from Guangzhou South to Nanning East. I then wish to catch a bus to Detian watertfalls as I have accommodation booked there. Can you advise if I need to book bus fares, how regular are the buses and do they go direct to the waterfalls. And from which bus station I would need to catch the bus.

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