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Hello everyone.

You can call me Bruce. I am a college boy in Guangxi University(GXU), major in Computer Science & Network.

Welcome to my website “Nanning Here“. This is a website where you can find a lot of information about Nanning China, the city where I was born and raised.

I build this website for professional practice at the start, then I think it also could be a window to show you what Nanning looks like. And you also may have a look at what China looks like though a picture or maybe an essay from my web. Though Nanning just a normal city in China, but it has lots of elements of China today. If you want to know more about Nanning, or Guangxi, or even China, I hope my website will be helpful.

Here is my Contact

Mail: zoro2501@gmail.com
MSN: zoro2501@hotmail.com
QQ: 546608727

150 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Bruce
    What a great site
    have just checked your bus planner and have found a new bus route to work
    many thanks for a great site.
    Will you be doing a mailing service for people to join and to get regular updates.

  2. Thank you for your site! I’m looking for info about Nanning since I should spent one month over there this coming July. There are not much in general, So, a big thank you again!

  3. Thanks Bruce for a great site on Nanning, have found it very useful.
    Well done!

    Wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Years Holidays.

  4. I just wanna tell you what a great website you have. This is Nanning’s most informative site I’ve found on the net. Great tidbits of info and excellent photos.

    I might be moving to Nanning come August and your pictures of the city definitely make it attractive.

    Thanks for your work. Keep it up!

  5. Bruce . . . .Thank you for the website. I plan to spend several weeks in Nanning very soon…question 1. Where might be the best place to find English speaking people like myself? I speak no Chinese. I read somewhere of Sunday morning gatherings at a cafe near Nanhu Park.
    question 2. I have a friend who lives on old Shen Ling Rd. She has said there are plans to demolish some or all of the old section there. Do you know anything about that?

  6. Welcome, Alan. March and April are a good time to visit.
    A1. Almost every big hotel has English service, don’t need to worry. And I know an american who own a hostel here called Nan Ning City Hostel. Try this to contact him:
    Weston Gameson

    A2. Personally I never heard of Shen Ling Rd, maybe it is not exactlly what it called, give me a Chinese road name is better. I think what you said is Lin Sheng Rd(涓磋儨琛). Yes I think it is going to be demolished. See this:

    And actually there are some old sections are being demolished for rebuilding, you can see these rebuilding in almost every city in China.

  7. Bruce,
    Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I meant Lin Sheng Rd. Modernization is causing many cities and countries to lose their history and ethnic culture. I hope someone might realize the value of unique areas such as Lin Sheng . . before it is too late. I will check out NanNing Hostel, meanwhile, my plan is to stay at the Yongjiang Hotel. Can I expect to pay higher prices because I am a westerner?

  8. Great site!
    I have lived in Nanning about 5 years and truly love its people and style!
    Your blog is a window show the fascinating things happened here.

  9. Hi Bruce
    Very fine site, beautiful pictures! I will if everything (volcano ash cloud) goes well arrive in Nanning 29. April.

  10. Dear Bruce
    What a great site! I am really appreciate your unselfish deed in building this website. I am a Nanning guy who study in Beijing now. I love this city and I have to say, your love is not less than me. Do you mind if I translate your articles into Chinese and post them on internet (I will indicate the source) ? If you need help, such as pictures and translations (cos’ my major is Engllish Translation and Interpretation), contact me. Nice to see U :)

  11. it’s really a good page to help me.
    this time i have a english speech of my department.
    and i am worried about what to say.
    you know, i am studying in changchun now, so i want to show my hometown nanning to them.
    thanks to you website and i have an essay to recite.
    i think i will have a good job in this speech competition.
    finally, thank you once more!

  12. Hi.. great website..

    I tried to send you email at your address .. bruce@nanninghere.com and it came back.

    do you have another?

  13. Sorry there is a some problem with that address recently. Try this gmail address:

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  15. hey there :) it’s nice to see a website about nanning! by the way, I’m going back to my country and I really need a moving company. All the companies I’ve tried requires me to send my stuff to Guangzhou first before they can send it to Germany.

    Do you happen to know a moving company which can send my stuffs directly from Nanning to Germany?

  16. Bruce, I just thought I would take a moment to comment on your website. It is very nicely laid out. I wish this had been available back in 2005 when I traveled to Nanning for the first time. The link to your senior year in high school is interesting, it reminds me of photos I have viewed from my stepsons last year in 2006 as he was preparing for his examinations. His mother was in a sweat over the exam since it played such an important part of where he would attend University. At any rate, the site is great, I hope you will continue to build onto your site and that I have an opportunity to return to Nanning for yet another visit soon.

  17. Hi, Bruce – just wanted to say hello since we are at least momentarily “sharing a town”. Nanning is a wonderful place and it’s a great that someone shows it on the web; besides, your page is informative, colourful, fine. Keep up the good work!

  18. hey Bruce,
    I was offered to work in Nanning & I’m from Egypt. how is it like to live in Nanning? & do most people speak English there or the language will be a barrier?. I don’t know, I do like traveling & trying new stuff but Nanning is a completely new place to me that I haven’t ever heard about. Would u please tell me how much does it cost for one person to live there? & what about rents are they expensive?
    I know, too many questions, but I was wondering if u can help.
    thanks :)

  19. Well, Nanning is in China, so most of the time people speak Mandarin here, and the old generation can speak Cantonese too. But just few peopel who learned English for couple of years(most of them are students or teachers) can speak English fluently. So if your colleagues can’t speak English, that might be a barrier for you.
    Monthly cost for living here depends on what kind of life you want. Most of people can live comfortable with 1500 RMB/M, including 500-600 for house rent(small apartment for you only or sharing a big one with others) and 600+ for food.
    Personally, I think the rent is expensive for me, especially when you want a good one.

    You need to check more details with your employer, they should have a mature plan for foreign employees.

  20. Hi Bruce, I would say you have an impressive and interactive website indeed. Keep it up! Anyway, I am from Singapore and I am in the midst of planning a visit to nanning on december. Just wondering what are the shortest and cheaper options for me to reach nanning? There are only flights to guangzhou, hanoi and haikou available from my country at the moment. Just wondering how much does it cost to own an apartment and car in nanning? :)

  21. Honestly I don’t know which way is the cheapest to reach Nanning, if I were you I would choose the Guangzhou way. In Guangzhou, you can choose to come to Nanning by bus, train or by air.
    How long you gonna stay in Nanning? The average house rents of a 30銕 apartment is around 500-800RMB/M. If you stay in hotel, it all depends on which hotel you will stay. The cheapest price is about 100-150RMB/D, I also have seen some small hotels offering a room aroud 50RMB/D.

    Car rental is not popular in Nanning, and it is not allowed to drive a car here without a Chinese driver’s license.

  22. Hi Bruce,
    Nice website! And very informative. I came to Nanning from Holland a month ago, to study Mandarin at Guangxi University. I will stay here for at least one year. Maybe we will meet one day.

  23. Hi Bruce

    Thanks for great work. I am moving to Nanning this month. Will live close to Guangxi University. Good to know so many interesting things about nanning.

  24. hello bruce….i was googling NAN NING…to see what i should do when i get there…great site..i look forward to visiting next week…..
    by the way, is your site a blog or a website? i am from america lving and working in china and cant access my blog from china…i need to create another blog/website…can you advise me how you did this sight? is there an associated cost to run this site?
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. I am sorry to tell you that the Internet environment in China mainland is not good. The fact is some famous websites and Blog Service Providers are blocked in Mainland China, which means you can not access to those websites directly. Suggest you to use some tech way like proxy to get through the firewall. You can sent me a mail for more detail.

  26. Hi everyone, I’m Peter. I am thinking of going to nanning to work. Can speak a little Chinese as I have been in china for a couple of years. Is there much foreign food, stuff to do in nanning. Wonder what the expat community in nanning is like.

  27. I was from Nanning, born and raised ! Seeing this site makes me miss it so much. Thank you.

  28. Hi Pete
    There is a expat community in Nanning, I sugest you visit the “Just For You Cafe” you will most likley find some western folk there. As for Nanning THE BEST CITY IN CHINA!!

  29. If you are looking for restaurant where you can find English speaking staff and decent food, good environment and hi tech gadgets, you can come to Happy Link. Listed on google, simply search “Happy Link Nanning” and you will find map and directions on how to get there, specially if you have GPS phone.

  30. Hey Guys, I am new here. Where can I buy some good coffe in Nanning?

  31. well done. i am proud of you! here i can see your talent and your love for nanning. thanks , i benefit a lot from
    this website.

  32. good

  33. Does anyone need to rent a house in Nanning? A friend have a good house for rent, 4 bedrooms from April 2011. If anyone need, just contact me.

    email: lijuan689@hotmail.com

  34. wow! good job! you are such a genius! your english is very good as well as your PC skill! Impressed!!

  35. Hello Bruce,

    My name is Bruce as well. I just visited Nanning (left on 2011-05-09) to visit my girlfriend. I honestly didn’t want to leave because I was so comfortable there.

    Now, my questions is: how much is the cost of living there? I was born and raised in the USA and have entertained the idea of teaching English there.

    Bruce, I humbly ask you as a friend, from a Chinese to another, how do I go about doing this? A broad question is — good information is hard to find.

    Thank you. =)

  36. Cost of living in Nanning depends on what kind of life you live. Basic costs are rent of the apartment, 60銕 could be 800-1000RMB/M, 90銕 could be 1500-2000/M in different location. For food usually cost 20-40RMB/d if just fast food. Water and electricity about 80-100RMB/M, and the Internet access could be 50-80RMB/M, of course the 3G network will be more expensive.
    Then how to use the rest of your salary is up to you.

  37. Hi Bruce,

    as you are one of the few sources of info about Nanning that I could find using our old friend Google, I was wondering if you could a little insight to the following.

    I’ve been asked by Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) to find out about long term rental prices in Nanning for expats.

    In a nutshell I would need to know:

    Monthly Rent for a high-end 2 bedroom apartment
    (by high end I mean the most expensive there is)
    Approximate size of 2 bedroom apartment

    Monthly Rent for a high-end 3 bedroom apartment
    Approximate size of 3 bedroom apartment

    This would assume a long term stay, at least a 1-year lease.

    I’ll assume that these would be fully furnished as well. Correct?

    If you could shine any light on this it would be sincerely appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  38. Though I haven’t rent a “high-end” apartment myself, but as far as I know, the 2 bedroom apartment(70-100銕) would cost 1500-2500RMB/M according to the location, and the 3 bedroom(100-160銕) would cost 2500-4500RMB/M. Usually not “fully” furnished, but will have some basic ones like bed, cook, gas, water heater etc.
    And of course, there is no highest limit, but the rent usually according to the location and furnishing. You want to know the “high end” then you can add 1000RMB to each result, I think that would be quite a high cost on the market.

  39. Hi Andrew,
    I have an 3 bed apartment(150銕) not furnished at all around Asen Commercial Area in Nanning. If 1 year rent cover the cost of fully furnish, I would like to discuss.
    My Email: chinasen@sogou.com

  40. Hi. Do you know any university in nanning that teach chinese to foreiners?


  41. I remembered that Guangxi University has such place can do this.
    Try this link below, unfortunately I can’t find english pages newly updated:

    or you can send an email to ask them.

  42. Bruse, you did a wonderful job with this site, easy to understand and much information. Please keep this site updated and many will follow your work. Very proud of you. Michael D.

  43. Bruce, you might want to add a section on Rules and Laws for people like me that doesn’t read or speak Chinese. It would be a great help to know Driving, Public, and Local laws to not make any mistakes while living in Nanning.

  44. Hello,

    I’m looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Nanning immediately.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Email: djlexxxus@djlexxxus.com



  45. Just for You is a great place to meet foreigners and Chinese people in Nanning. Very friendly people. Regulars like Jack ( USA ) Shaun( Australia ) Matt ( UK ) two USA Joe’s, and many others. Some hot waitresses and Chinese girls there sometimes also.

  46. I am going back to Nanning in December, maybe January at the latest. I have such fond memories of Nanning. I have been there 2 times. I went there in June and December. Ohh, my gosh. The humidity is so high. December was a little cold, but not too bad. I think maybe february or March might be the best time to go. What is your opinion? The people in Nanning treated me so good. I did a lot of exercises in the parks in Nanning, but I tried to be humble. I am an American, very well built and strong. I smiled and was very polite to the people of Nanning. I think they all respected that. take care friends. I hope to meet many of you in Nanning in December or January.

  47. I’m still looking for an apartment. I would even appreciate being referred to an agency if possible. I prefer to have help from foreigners if possible. From my experience living in Nanning for 8 years, Chinese people have a habit of speaking empty words and never following through.
    Sorry if anyone out there can’t handle the truth as I am a straight talker. I mean what I say and I say what I mean with all due respect..

    I’m willing to pay a fee for the services. I’m also looking for a small office space to rent, 1 large ~SECURE~ room would be nice. Thanks kindly to those who will help.

    Here are some real sides to Nanning.
    Don’t bother buying any foreigner food from “the pantry”
    They sell lots of expired food there. Trust me I know. I have been food poisoned too many times from their food! Anything on sale is EXPIRED! molding cheese! Yummy! Nice one huh?

    Before you eat in a restaurant, check the kitchen out, DON’T
    ask to see it, just pop your head in quickly and I promise you after seeing how disgusting it is you will just as fast be walking out of there! Some places are so gross I don’t know
    how they can live with themselves selling food out of there!

    Driving in Nanning, forget it! No one looks where they are going. Driving in the motorcycle lane of death is insane!
    People cross this lane and don’t look while talking on the cell phone. Oh, same with driving cars, they all talk on their cell phones while driving and don’t look when turning right.
    99% of Chinese don’t have a clue how to drive a car, have you seen their training facilities?… It’s a joke!
    Don’t bother wearing a bag on your shoulder. My Chinese wife got her bag cut off her on the back of my motorcycle with a HUGE machete knife while my Son was sitting between my legs. We went to the police and they could do nothing and they did nothing. Chinese WILL AND DO charge you more money for one simple fact, You are a foreigner and they think you are rich! offer half the price they suggest!!!!

    I could go on and on but I think that’s enough for now.
    Sorry if anyone doesn’t like what I say but I’m here speaking the truth about what goes on here to protect my fellow foreigners because no one else is looking out for us here!

  48. The best way is just to not take any crap from people here. Just hang out at places like Just for You, Babel ( not that useless “Happy Link” place, and you won’t get ripped off. If you live in Nanning you should not get ripped off by taxi drivers, as locals should know the price of the fares.

    Back to Babel for a moment, great food, but talk about crap service. What about that young bitch of a waitress who works there, the one who can’t speak English, shit, when are they going to fire her!

  49. Ya, Babel is a much better place than “just for you”. At just for you they are always hiring new staff all the time so the service is NEVER consistent. I have gotten sick from there also. I know Kevin at Babel and he insists on keeping his kitchen most clean, actually the most cleanest kitchen I have seen yet in Nanning! Cheers to you Kevin! I’m still looking for an apartment or shared apartment with a large bedroom. I’m
    also looking for a small office space say about 50m2.

    Does any foreigner have any hook ups with any agency for renting apartments or office space on this website?

  50. Hi Bruce, i am great at last that somebody want to talk about China in the net. I was email from Sabah, East Malaysia, I am half chinese and half Kadazan, a native in Sabah. I am 55 yrs. I work as a Land Surveyor, I graduated from Univesity Of London and pratised as a professional Land Surveyor in Kota Kinabalu. I have been trying to know some body in Naning City or any place arround there. My root on mother side is from Shunzhou, Guangsi, My grand dad by the sirname of Ung or yung follow by Ren Fang, He was borned in china in 1882 and migrated to Sabah in 1900, and married with native girl and live until 1947, he died with out contacting his family in china. He should have leave with some relative in Shungzhou. We in Sabah busy with our live and forget that we are getting older. I really wish that we your can help me to trace any of his ( my grand father ) who still alive by introduce any of the association in Shungzhou area so that i can start searching this UNG FAMILY BEFORE

  51. Hello again.

    I’m looking for a foreigner piano player for a gig in Nanning.
    I’m also looking for a foreigner singer for the same gig.

    It’s on Dec 16th.

    Please contact me for gig details.



  52. Also,

    If anyone is looking for fresh foreigner style bread.
    I bake this in my home. I bake every 3-4 days.
    I use the best quality flour in Nanning.
    I also do some great Pizza! Party trays are welcome.

    Contact me if you are interested in some of the best home baked bread in Nanning.



    Jason R.C.

  53. Hey Bruce,
    YOur website is great. Can you tell me which universities in Nanning are downtown? I want to come and work there next year and don’t want to be stuck way out of town. thanks

  54. Guangxi University and Guangxi Medical University.

  55. To Jason, Babel is not better than JFU. The food at Babel is as good as at JFU ( burgers much better at Babel ) but the service at Babel is crap, and the staff are rude and arrogant.

  56. Just came across the site, Bruce, a couple days before the end of this year’s two-month visit. I see the comments about driving. I do have the study guide for anybody wanting to get a Chinese driving license. I have one. As long as you think in terms of navigating a shopping mall during the holidays except you can’t bump into anybody, the driving here isn’t all that bothersome.

  57. Jason I hope you found your artistes for your gig. It’s a pity it wasn’t the month of May when I’m coming this year. I was a professional musician for years in England and I’m always visiting Nanning (love the park!).

  58. Great site have been visiting nanning for the last seven years meet my wife in nanning we have bought a new two bedroom apartment in 2010 my wife lives with me in Australia for the next two years we are going to move back to nanning in two or three years to live hoping that I can get a visa so we can retire in nanning.
    Regards Wayne.

  59. Hi Bruce,

    Do you still update this website? I am coming from Canada to teach in Nanning this September. It would be nice to start building some contacts. Do you know how high school students behave in Nanning? What can I expect as a teacher?
    Thank you,

  60. Hi Bruce,
    my name is Andrea, i live in NN from last April but I know the city from 2004. I saw some big construction site around downtown. What there are building? It is a subway? I did not found any english news about and I’m so courios.

  61. Yes, a subway. Should be finished in 2015. Then Nanning will have the first subway line one. Hope it can solve those bad traffic jams in town.

  62. hi Bruce, it is an interesting website about Nanning. I have been coming here since 2005 and I have noticed many changes, not to mention that the city is getting larger and larger every year. I also think the subway will be a blessing for everyone

  63. No more news about NN subway? Ho many lines? routes?

  64. Bruce . . . I have a Chinese lady friend who lives in Nanning. She wants to apply for a visa to visit the US. Can you explain the steps she needs to take to get her US visa?

  65. Alan, have a look by the internet site of the US Embassy in China! There you’ll find all informations you/she need(s)! This isn’t the right place for these kind of questions.
    They have Chinese translation also!

  66. Hi bruce, how r u? What’s the festival in the east minzu avenue sponsirized by qingdao beer?

  67. QingDao Beer Festival. It is more like the beer company’s commercial activity.

  68. Thank you, Bruce, for sharing all this information about your city and life. I enjoyed learning about your culture and seeing things from an everyday perspective. I wish you the best of luck in your future… I’m sure you’ll do well!

  69. Hey Bruce,

    I am new to Nanning,

    I am looking to play football and possibly learn kung fu in Nanning, however I do not know where to start, can you help me_

  70. 1.Simple, find a soccer feild and ask those teams whether you can join them.
    2.Find a gym and see whether they have kongfu lessions. What I see most is Karate lessions. Kongfu is not that practical, Sanshou is more popular.
    If you live near a college, it should not be a problem to find a sports field.

  71. Hi i am roofus, iam an indian which is studying in +2, i would like to study m b b s in guangxi medical university. Idont know more related aspects about this, pls help me…

  72. Hi everyone, I am an Australian married to a Chongqing woman and have been living and working in Chongqing for the past 18 months and thinking of moving further south for a better climate as this winter in CQ has been so cold. Nanning is high on my list of places I will consider relocating to later in 2013. I am an English teacher, have taught kids from 3 years through to adults at private language schools.
    So, I am wondering, am I able to buy western foods at supermarkets. I see many people here mention Walmart but in CQ they carry very little western foods it is mainly Carrefour or Metro that caters for us foreigners are there any of those stores in Nanning? Thanks

  73. Hi Bruce,
    your site is awesome, i m expecting something like this about Nanning. and i have a little suggestion that maybe this site can be more interactive. like gokunming.com. they have trees of page posting public or personal information, such as– http://www.gokunming.com/en/classifieds/
    maybe that would be a great change and make the website the most informative and the very first English site about Nanning. thanks:)

  74. Hi Bruce,

    Just wondering if you know of any direct transport from Nanning Airport direct to PingXiang immigration border towards Hanoi? thanks.

  75. Hi Bruce,
    I just wanna know if there is any western food grocery store here in Nanning? I tried to buy it online but they dont deliver food here, especially cheese cuz the weather is crazy hot right now.

  76. Hi, everyone.
    I have been there for my friend’s picture.
    I see many more foriegner friends came up ask for help, maybe I can help you. you can send me email, and I’ll check via my phone.

  77. “The Pantry” is a small western store that has a few things. You can special order Turkeys and hams. Many large supermarkets now have a few western. The Pantry is on Munzi Dadao on the same side of the street but further down from the city center. as the fancy large museum. Still cannot find popcorn here! If you walk from the museum and get to a major cross street you missed it by about 100 or so meters.

  78. Ooops shows what happens when you rush…my wife of 10 days was asking me to get in the shower so she can wash my clothes. “…. supermarkets now have a few western items. The Pantry is on Munzi Dadao on the same side of the street as the new fancy museum. (delete) Still can not find popcorn here!” The rest is OK. People here are very nice.

  79. Hi Bruce (anyone) I am considering starting a small manufacturing plant in Nanning because of its logistical location to Vietnam (and others such as Cambodia, Loas and Thailand etc).
    There are three of us and we expect to spend about 6/12 months there to get it started.
    What would be the +/- of Nanning and surrounding areas for three guys aged 53, 56 and 70 years old.
    Up to date condo rental, cost of living etc. Any pros and cons would be appreciated.


  80. Sorry, meant to say we are all UK nationals with ‘some’ experience of SE Asia mainly in Thailand and Cambodia.
    What about healthcare, transport etc and should I bring my children. Are there any English speaking schools.


  81. I’m an American who will be in Nanning, mid-Feb to mid-March of 2014. My wife is Chinese from Nanning. We are coming to visit friends and family.

    I’m interested in meeting expats or English teachers. My wife’s family only speaks Chinese so I’ll be craving some English conversation.

    Are there any expats around? Is there an English Corner anywhere? Best place(s) to meet expats in Nanning?

    Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  82. Hi Bruce,

    I am planning to study in Guangxi University in the next 5 days, however, have not found any accommodation in the area. Any suggestions on what website I can use to check on apartments for rent?

    Please help if possible.

    Thank you!

  83. hi Bruce,
    I just pass by you website.As a citizen,I have to admit you did a really great job for show the charm of nanning to everyone especially to foreigner. so I thinking about if there is some foreign guests ask information about nanning I gonna tell them this website .its really awesome and useful for them.BTW LOVE your pictures and contents.

  84. At the moment busy, looking for a teaching position unless you can think of any thing else…have you got any job, likes to teach middle school or college.
    Can you suggest any thing?

  85. email me with jobs for nanning..teach english

  86. Hi, Bruce!

    I come from the UK, I have been living in Nanning from the beginning of March. I am doing intensive yoga and dancing training here. I speak English, French,Italian and Chinese(Chinese origin). I am an interpreter/teacher/singer. Craving for English conversations, or in French/Italian?

    I haven’t meet any foreigners here, or a foreign bar. Please give me some advice on this?

    thanks you very much indeed

  87. Hi, Ian

    Noticed that you are also UK nationals! So nice to meet my fellow people in Nanning!

    Just want to say hello and extend a warm welcome! Would be great to meet when you guys in Nanning!

    with warm regards

  88. Hi! Bruce

    I have been worked as a consultant for the past nine years to help Welsh SMEs entering Chinese market. It is mainly under the export programmes of Welsh Assembly Government and Europe Union.

    I would like to work(P/T, weekends) with interpretations of international meetings/conferences/trainings, especially business ones.

    Please let me know when opportunities arise.

    grazie mille

  89. Flat/House Share

    I am looking for flatmates who is going to stay in Nanning for three months to share flat/house. Females preferred but not absolute.

    Need to be professionals or mature students who is committed to work and study, surely enjoy life. But no party animals:)

    I know quite a number of Chinese local landlords. No agent.

    Please contact me on:

    S: Skype: talkchinaeye
    Wechat: SISSI

  90. Hi Bruce,
    I will be in nanning for 4 days end of April 2014. I need your help…because this is my first visit to nanning. I need someone to guide me there…can you suggest anybody to me.

  91. I’ve lived in Nanning for three and a half years, and it has changed for the worse. Traffic, pollution, people not friendly anymore, and women here just want money and visas now, hardly ANY of the women want to stay in Nanning, which is a regret for me, because I was hoping to find my wife here Also, it’s so boring and sterile these days, no more Just for You, Secrets is so boring now, just Milai and Joe’s crappy KTV on a Saturday night, which I lost interest in. Still got Cow and Boy and Babel I guess.
    I have been a bit of a hermit recently. I heard many laowai were planning to leave Nanning, is it true?

    BTW, has anyone seen Shaun ( from Brisbane ) or Paul ( Adelaide ) the two Aussie guys recently? Total gentlemen, also straight shooters and no bullshit like other foreigners here.

    Wonder what happened to them?

  92. I am from Nanning 2. Thank you!

  93. Shaun still in Nanning. He and few other guy use go to loveik at Go Mall and then to Cool Max every Friday afternoon. Shaun my ex-teacher. He go to Cow and Boy often also.

    I agree that he good guy, I not believe a Nanning women has not snag him yet after 5 year, they must be a silly women! but I only 22, too young for him.

    And Paul, you mean one leg man, replace leg man?

  94. Sissi, go to Secret Bar, it’s in Yang Guang 100. It’s a bit boring there now in 2014, but you will find foreigners there nearly every night. If you like quiet it’s ok. 80/90 the JFU replacement ( 70 metres away from Secrets ) was great, it’s such a pity that place closed.

    Queens Head ok to in Jiang bei da dao, but it’s too expensive, even if you can afford it, overpriced drinks.
    KTV at Milai Coffee every Saturday night ( in Jiefang lu, 5th floor ),
    but Joe ( the host ) hogging the microphone turns people off.

    There is some new place in Liwan Lu apparently, Red Wine or something, I have not been there yet.

  95. Dear fellows I am from Brasil rio de janeiro
    Currently I live in Tokyo Japan
    I am looking for a house to Rent
    I am planning to Open /Start Up a Bar or restaurant just a MIX of Brasilian and Japanese foods.
    Some guidance about house to rent in nanning or around will be very appreciated thanks
    skype:ciageral c

  96. Dear Bruce,
    I plan to go to Nanning at the end of this month.
    Can you give me the train schedule from Nanning to Hanoi, or bus schedule?
    Hope you can help me with this.

  97. Train from Nanning to Hanoi, from 17:45 to 4:45(GMT7) everyday.
    Can’t remember the bus schedule, I will check it later.

  98. Hi, everyone,

    Nice to see you on this website. I grew up in a small town near Nanning and currently I am living the the US. I am looking for a partner to supply good western food (grocery) for western visitors staying in Nanning, selling good food that they would miss when they are far away from their hometown. Somebody above mentioned popcorn, cheese, and what else do you need? …. don’t even need to open a store, we can go with CSA style…..You get to know who needs what, and I will buy it here in the US and we deliver to our people….

    Anybody interested in? My QQ: 1532368353.

    Thank you for your time!

  99. hi Bruce ..can you please help me to find out the some of names of Property Management company in Nanning .

    thankyou very much

  100. Anybody who want to contact me can write to : amy_wei2003@yahoo.com

  101. Will be in Nanning soon (June 17-20, 2014), and am looking for a couple of local expats to interview that have started businesses or nonprofit organizations. My research is on the motivations to become an expatriate entrepreneur as well as why a certain location was chosen. If you know anyone that fits this description, please help me get in touch with them (what are the expat run businesses in Nanning??). Or if you fit this description and would like to tell me your story, I’d love to hear it! It can be completely confidential upon request for those that have somewhat ulterior motives for their choices. Email me at blstrother@apu.edu (author of the book Living Abroad in China). Thanks for your help, Nanningers!

  102. Hello Bruce, this is a great website! Better than the government site for info about Nanning. I’m an Australian living here for 6 months and would just like to ask you, or anyone who comes to your site, knows of anywhere I could hire a kayak?I have been searching the internet but cannot find anything. Such a shame, all this water! :) Anyone who can help can contact me on 1602609857@qq.com. I will be here until the end of October. Many thanks for all of your info Bruce. Best regards.

  103. Really great site…I am chinese..I have been in Nanning for two years…It would be my pleasure to have some new friends here…

  104. Heyy all,neeeeed a roommate from August!!!!
    I’ve got a 3 rooms flat in the centre of Nanning,and I live alone,need 1 roommate,pretty clean big flat! Prefer foreigners,Italian or can speak Italian is better cuz IM gonna learn it:)
    And I’m a couchsurfing host of Nanning, you can search my membername Yezii.
    Feel free to send a massage to me!
    My email 460184132@qq.com ; behindthisuniverse@gmail.com
    Or text me +8615177828655

  105. Hi Bruce

    It is very interesting website about Nanning.

    I am coming to Guangxi University this September so please tell me about Foreign Hostels of Guangxi university and also about Living Environment there for Foreigners and also about Food Items there at Guangxi University? If we have free accommodation at Guangxi University then in how much (RMB) we can manage our Food/M?

  106. Hi, I will be coming over to Nanning end of August 2014. Will be staying at my friend’s house for about 10 days. I believe it is good to give a gift or something to the host for the time spent together. What would be the best gift to give to show my appreciation for time spent showing me around, etc.? Would a monetary gift be good enough and what would be the appropriate amount? Thanks.

  107. Hi
    it is OK to give gift to your friend. local specialties of your place will be good. monetary gift is also fine. but dont let them feel that you are buying their service. you may say, you dont know what gift is suitable, so the money is given to them to get a gift they like.

  108. Hi Tony
    the appropriate amount could be RMB 100 yuan a day. not sure about it. approximately. that might be too much for close friends.
    best regards

  109. Hey I am traveling in nanning for 2 days and am alone. Is anyone who is living here free for a drink or dinner? I m here tonight and tomorrow the whole day .

  110. Hi Agnes
    are you still here? I see this one day late!

  111. Hey! I been to Nanning like 4 times. I am interested in working or doing small business there. Anyone interested or know of anybody whom requires a English speaking employee. I just left a high flying corporate job to live my life outside of four walls. So any suggestion will help. Please drop me a line @ gmohanaraj@msn.com

  112. hai, theres someone staying here in nanning tonight? im here for the expo.. free to drinks?

  113. Does anyone know of any bilingual/international schools in Nanning? I might be moving there in a couple of weeks to teach at a university, and I’m looking for an English-medium primary school for my 11 year old daughter.

  114. How do you use the bike share system in Nanning? I see the stations around but haven’t tried using them yet.

  115. For local people, electronice bike is much more convenient. There are more than 1 million e-bikes in Nanning, almost every family has at least one e-bike, so local people don’t like to use this bike share system.

  116. Hi Bruce
    Nanning was my home too, from 1997 to 2008 so I can safely say “鎴戞槸骞胯タ浜” . My memories are of a beautiful green city. I hope that all the modernisation and development since I left has not spoiled its comfortable feel.
    I wish I could go back to see my old home!
    All the best,

  117. HI bruce!
    I m about to study BDS in nanning and i want to know more about lifestyle in nanning. I m from Myanmar and i can speak eng fluently.BUt the problem is i heard most ppl from china dun say in eng even if they speak eng fluently. One of my fri is now studying in Bejing and she said language barrier is rly a problem there. Most people know eng but they reply only in chinese which i haven’t study it at all. Also my grandpa who is chinese went back to the place where he was born and he can speak chinese came back this month and he said that chinese ppl from china dun reply him although he speaks in chinese. I was rly shocked to hear that and ask him what is the reason. What he reply was that he can’t speak chinese fluently coz he had no practice of Chinese language since he was young. Is speaking in chinese is really essential to communicate???? Or why is that so?? Also i attended a meeting where my dad took me in international dental meeting. There, a choosen chinese dentist spoke the topic he had choosen in CHINESE. Even in the international conference CHINESE DENTIST spoke in Chinese. If he knows only in chinese, why is he chosen to attend?? Also what is he doing as a dentist if he does not know what ENGLISH is???? Wasn’t he studied dental in English?????? I was really depressed to witness all of this. But still I choose to study in china coz i think studying dental in china is more cheaper and more acceptable in international dental association. However I m still sad coz i have to face all of this language barrier and all of the problems that aforementioned people said. Still I thank u for creating this website for showing us all of our foreign students the way to live in china
    Wish all of the best

  118. Hi Peter, I think the reason those people who don’t speak English is they are not confident with their accent, or their English is not good enough to make a report in international conference. Even today, most people can’t speak English fluently, only those young genaration can handle english better. But in China, I am sure they don’t teach dental lessions in English, Mandarin is the offical teaching lauguage in China.
    So if you want to learn dental in China, you have to learn Chinese first, or you can’t udnerstand what the teacher said.

  119. Thz for the advice Bruce. I rly appreciate it.
    Hope all goes well.

  120. Hi Bruce
    My company recently consider invest in NanNing , do you have rough idea what is the expats’ population in NanNing ?
    Thanks in advance

  121. Great to know you. I am from Malaysia . How much is the taxi fare from Nanning airport to the city center? Have all the Metro lines completed and put into used, if not which lines are in used right now ? Thank you for your precious time.

  122. About 80RMB from airport to donwtown, and the Nannning first metro line has not completed yet, so you may take the taxi or bus.

  123. Great site and keep it going! I am from Nanning & will be back for a visit soon.

  124. Hi Bruce, glads to know you from this web. Our team would like to invest on buying apartment in Nanning. As your info, my teams are mostly Muslim. Is there any laws or regulations that Nanning government restriction ? We need a lot of info before we can really invest. Hopefully you can able to help or assist me. We can even share out our divide to you.

    Awaiting for your prompt reply.


  125. Hi Bruce can you help me with wechat I thought I could use a QQ ID to contact people on it? Tried you couldn’t locate you?

  126. Greetings from 鍗楀畞涓変腑鏍″弸

  127. heading back to Nanning after 7 years here in Texas, but just going for a visit. My wife is from Mashan county. We are heading back in June to visit her family. Will check the sight soon to see what goes on in June and July. taking my son for his first trip to China. He is a recording engineer.

  128. do you know if Nanning has a track & field – open to public for running ? I need a place to do speed work. A park is also alright I guess but I need a park that has some distance – like 1 KM so that I can loop to do my sets.

    What about public 50meter pools ? are there any in the city ?

  129. My congratulations for your website.
    Probably next year I must visit your city and was very helpful to take a look on your site.

  130. Bruce: Thank you for this wonderful view of Nanning. I look forward to hearing more from you. Joseph

  131. Hi Bruce,
    Could you please give me a good website to look for apartments to rent……long term….in Nanning….my fiancee was born & raised in Nanning but now lives in Wuzhou……..we are planning on getting married before end of December & thinking of living in Nanning…..I`m an Australian…..thanks….Clem.

  132. Are VPN`s legal in China ?

  133. Hi Bruce
    Great website you have here. Actually i.would like some advice. I bought a new large apartment in Nanning a few years ago at TianChiShan. Lovely estate on top of a hill, East of Langdong. I am moving back to the UK next summer and would like to sell quickly. I am willing to sell under the valuation in order to sell quickly. Many thanks

  134. Hi!every one.
    I am Chinese,live in Langxi Nanning,and work in a tea shop.I would like to make friends with you.It is my pleasure if I can do something for you.
    My QQ:471712480,e-mail:471712480@qq.com,wechat:hii-wangwang

    Best wishes.

  135. And,my skype:balancewang2

  136. Hi Bruce,
    I am from overseas and try to make someone’s birthday wish come true in Nanning.
    I’m looking for a bicycle shop in Nanning that has a big range of different type of bicycles to choose from. But I want to choose and buy it online and let it delivered to a specific address in Nanning.
    Could you give me some helpful advice or contacts based in Nanning please?

  137. Hello . . . . I lost contact with a long time online friend in Nanning about 2 1/2 years ago. I have wondered about them ever since. Her neighborhood was the old Shen Ling St area. I suspect the entire neighborhood has been demolished, making way for build up of the modern city. Can you verify if that area has been demolished? It was very near the old snack street…

  138. Sorry I haven’t heard about Shen Ling St, when you say the old snack street, I guess you are talking about ZhongShan Rd(涓北璺). Do you have more information about it?

  139. Hi Bruce, this is a great site for sharing.

  140. Hello,

    My parents were from Nanning. I am interested in retiring in Nanning. Can you provide some informations about the senior living in this city? Thank you.


  141. Hi
    I am purchasing a new ebike. Would like to get it registered with the Nanning traffic department. Does anyone here know the procedure? Do we need a medical certificate for it?
    Any help is much appreciated.
    My Wechat id cijal-rahim

  142. Hi Bruce I am from Nepal visiting Nanning shortly. Is it possible to get English speaking guide as we don’t understand Chinese.

  143. You don’t need the medical certificate, just need your ID. You can make reservation online.

  144. Try some travel agency, they can provide short term services.

  145. Hi Bruce.
    What a wonderful idea! Well done for keeping it going!
    Could you recommend a simple restaurant in the city centre / Chaoyang Square / Minzue Ave area.
    When I say “simple” I mean spending about 20-30 Yuan on tasty food like mother makes at home and being able to drink local beer for 3-4 Yuan? Maybe a place where students normally go to?


  146. I am from Kunming, Nanning is a beautiful city, if can make foreign friends here, I am very lucky. My QQ:732614534; my WeChat: kmkhumb

  147. Hi Bruce

    Nice to hear that you are from Nanning

    Both my wife and I are planning to visit our daughter in Nanning as she frequents there on business trips.

    Is there any organised tours conducted in English where we can participate as I don’t think my daughter will be free enough to take us round for the couple of days we are in Nanning. We will be there around 8 to 12 March 2018. We are from Singapore Thanks and best regards Ran Chong

  148. Bruce . . I wrote to you in March of 2010 and you answered me. It has been over 3 years (2015) since I heard from Jie Fang Lan (Lan Jie Fang?) She lived in the old Lin Sheng Rd area, near the Yongjiang Hotel. For more than 10 years we became good friends over the internet. Our last conversations were about her concern that her family’s home would be destroyed and she had no choice.
    With so little information, I’m afraid I will never hear from Jie Fang again.
    Can you share any information about how people get resettled after their neighborhood is destroyed?

  149. Hi, Bruce Nice to meet you. Now I got a scholarship from Guang Xi University and I am going to come Nanning , Guang Xi provice. So What about transportation and how could I come from Kuming Airport to Guang Xi University. Could you tell me please?

  150. Hello,

    I am an American expat who just moved back to Nanning after living in Beijing for 5 years. Does anyone know if there is still an English Corner on Sundays the “Minzu Square” or People’s Square…whatever it is called.

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