Air raid siren,Nanning, August 30

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today, at 10:30, a special alarm sounded over the city. It is so different from a ambulance alarm, sounds more like an air-raid alarm in wartime. Yes, you were right. it is air raid siren, sound from 10:30 to 10:45, at this time of every year.image

One type of air raid siren device,Nanning [pic: gxnews]

Why the air raid alarm is sounded?

Cause today, August 30, is the anniversary of the bombing of Nanning in 1939.

On August 30, 1939, the Japanese aggressor troops called out 12 sorties bombers to bombed Nanning. 300 more bombs were droped around Lingtie ferry and Coast of Yong River.More than 360 citizens were killed and wounded in this air-attack. image

Histroy pic of Japanese bombed Nanning [pic: gxnews]

it is the biggest one time loss to this city in air raids during Second Sino-Japanese War.

In order to keep this history firmly in mind, since 2000, August 30 is made to be the “air raid alarm sounded day” each year. to enhance the city’s people’s national defense concept and awareness of people’s air defense. Some people will participate in evacuation drill. But most of the citizens can live and work like usual, do not have to evacuate.

IMO, They can test the Civil defense siren system at the same time, Of course.

On August 30, the alarm will be sounded at 10:30 to 10:45. There are three types of alarms:

  • Early warning [棰勫厛璀︽姤image]
Evacuation drill [pic: gxnews]
ring 36s, pause 24s, repeat 3 times. total 3mins
  • Air alert [绌鸿璀︽姤]
ring 6s, pause 6s, repeat 15 times. total 3mins
  • The all clear [瑙i櫎璀︽姤]
Long blowing 3mins.

Well, I would say that the siren let me realize that today’s peace is so precious!

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