Bus in Nanning

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Buses are the most important part of public transit system in Nanning. Maybe a few years latter some bus routes will be replaced by city light rail, but the buses are still the most popular public transport in this city.

First-run bus usually leaves origin station at 06:00 and the last bus leaves at about 22:00. Of couse the time are a little different for different numbers of buses. So you need to check the certain time of some bus if you want to get on a bus earlier than 06:30聽 or later than 21:30. In other time you just can take a taxi.

The price is 1 RMB for any one whoes hight is above 1.2 meters each time when you get on a bus, and the price for the for air-conditioned bus is 2 RMB. There is no conductor in the bus so what you need to do is put the cash or coin into the coin box when you get on the bus. Remember you the front door is for getting on and the back door is for getting off, don’t get the wrong door.

There is a station every 500 to 1000 meters on the bus route. Usually you can get a bus in 5 min unless there is a traffic jam. The rush hours are 07:00-09:00 and 17:00-19:00.


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