Bus in Nanning (more)

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All the plates are start with “妗侫“. The character “妗” is the shortened form of Guangxi Zhuang

Bus in Nanning, China

Bus in Nanning, China

Autonomous Region, the letter “A” means the vehicle is registered in Nanning. The next 5 numbers are the numbers of this registed vehicle.

There are more than 3 bus companies in Nanning. Usually the buses belong to different companies are painted in different colors. Some of the buses are equippted with GPS which can monitor the locations of the buses.

How to choose the right number of bus?

If you want to know which number of bus you should take from one place to another, the google maps would be helpful.
The navigation data of google maps is provided by a Chinese navigation company. I run a test and find that it is reliable.
The “33璺” means “bus No.33″ and so on.聽 what you need to do is use your mouse to click the starting point and destination and choose “By public transit”, then you can get the suggested routes. You can see my example from here.


Nanning bus route search

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9 Responses to “Bus in Nanning (more)”

  1. Hi, your website is excellent. I’m a new teacher at SCIC and you have provided about the best access to the city as anything else I can find online.

  2. We will be on tour in July to Nanning can u advise us(4paxs) how to travel and places to visit on our own we have 6days 5nights. Shall we book only one hotel for 5nights for the whole trip? Pls advise .
    Thank you.

  3. Hello Bruce, How are you doing? A question. Earlier these year I caught the #609 bus from the downtown area. I was trying to go to the new part near Langdong of Nanning. Well I went in the opposite direction. I went to almost the end of the city limit. Can you tell me in general what part of the city I ended up? I went by the Zhuang People.s Ethnic Hospital. I would like to visit that area again. I would also like to find where that hospital is located. Can you help me please? Did you finish school? Are you working in Nanning? Hope you are doing well. Thank You. Danny

  4. No.609 bus just can reach the ring road of Nanning, I guess you went to the north side of Nanning city.
    Zhuang People.s Ethnic Hospital, I think you mean 骞胯タ姘戞棌鍖婚櫌, locates at No.232 Ming Xiu East Road, still have 4 stations away from the ring road. You want to visit there you can take the No.609 again. :-D

    Now I still work in Nanning, thanks.

  5. Hi Bruce. Thank you for the reply. Maybe I will try Bus 609 again. I will probably get the bus going in the opposite direction. End up near the new Wal Mart. That is okay. I enjoy seeing Nanning. It is still growing. So you graduated from University. You were a computer science major right? I hope everything is going well with you. Take care. Thanks again. Danny Boy

    PS I will use the info you gave me and do some research on google.

  6. There is no Google in China so this does not help me.

  7. Hi Bruce,

    I am hoping to travel from Hong Kong to Nanning in November and wondered if you could help me plan how to get from Nanning to Shuolong town.

    We should be arriving in Nanning East train station and then want to travel on to Shuolong town. Do you know which bus number I need to take? and if it is possible to get a bus straight from the East Train station?

  8. Shuolong town? Is it in Chongzuo? You should take a train to Chongzuo and then transfer local bus.

  9. Hi Bruce
    We’ll be visiting Nanning sometime next week. And most probably we will be staying around the district of Shengtian Huafu (Southwest Gate) We couldn’t locate exactly where is the place? We have located most of the districts like Xixiangtan, Qingxiu, Liangqing, etc but couldn’t find Shengtian Huafu

    How do we go there?



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