Chinglish shows up in hospital in Nanning. Can you understand that?

Caution! Wet Floor!

Chinese Chess in Nanning is very popular.

Chinese Chess Board in Nanning China

October 18th 2010, the first police helicopter of Nanning police fly for demonstration to the public.

Nanning police helicopter first public flying demonstration

Today 2 new electric bus run on the road. It is the first time the bus in Nanning China use electric power.

New electric bus in Nanning China

Nanning China snack: Changfen(鑲犵矇/鍗风瓛绮)

Changfen(鑲犵矇) in Zhong Shan Rd, Nanning China

An Q pic shows you the holiday arrangements for National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in 2010

Holiday arrangements for National Day and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

In China mainland, most of the new students need to take part in a military training when they get into a new school. So do we here.

Parade in the last day of military training
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