Nanning bird and flower market is going to be demolished. See it for the last time.

Nanning bird and flower market 鍗楀畞鍥箹璺姳楦熷競鍦

Today I’d like introduce the Shimen Forest Park(鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯), it seems it is the only park in Langdong(鐞呬笢) district

Shimen Forest Park Nanning China 鍗楀畞鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯

2010 Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival Concert will be held in the new Guangxi Sports Center(骞胯タ浣撹偛涓績). This is a map shows its location.

Night Scene Guangxi Sports Center, Nanning China

I’d like to show some pictures of Guangxi University(骞胯タ澶у), photo by SAP

March 2010, Guangxi University, Nanning Guangxi China

In this Spring Festival holiday, many families like to drive to DaMing Mountain to see these rimed trees. Well it is not easy to see that in Nanning city.

Rimed Trees on DaMing Mountain, Nanning Guangxi China

In lunar New Year’s Day, you can see a lot of people go to the temples, burn incense and worship the Buddha, pray for good fortunes in a new year

memorial arch in QinXiu Mountan. Nanning,Guangxi,China

More pictures of those school gates… From No.21
Some are vocational schools, but they have number too.

鍗楀畞浜屽崄涓涓 No.21 Middle School
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