pictures of 2010 Nanning – South East Asia food festival(2010鍗楀畞-涓滃崡浜氬浗闄呮梾娓哥編椋熻妭)

2010 Nanning food festival

Nanning China snack: Changfen(鑲犵矇/鍗风瓛绮)

Changfen(鑲犵矇) in Zhong Shan Rd, Nanning China

I know that in other part of China there must be different kinds of traditions, but this is what I do in Ghost Festival in Nanning.

Nanning lemon duck

In Guangxi, there is a very traditional snack called Five-color Glutinous Rice(浜旇壊绯背楗). Have you seen the rice with different colors? See this post.

home made five-color glutinous rice

Among so many kinds of rice noodles, Nanning has its own specialty:
Laoyou noodles

Laoyou Noodles

I introduce the manual rice noodles in the last post. Besides, on many avenue, what we can see is a lot of Rice noodles Chains belong to different brands. That is what this post about.


Today I’d like to tell you more about the Nanning Manual rice noodles(鎵嬫Θ绫崇矇) . Maybe it is the most popular rice noodles for the people who lives in Nanning.

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