Nanning World Half Marathon Championships will be held on October 16th 2010

Mascot - Nanning World Half Marathon Championship 2010

New update of Google Earth imagery on Mar 8th 2010 shows that the satellite image of Nanning area is updated.

New update of Nanning area

Some pictures about those who carried tools like whetstone walked round the streets, to help people to sharpen their knives

the character "纾ㄥ垁" means knife sharpening in Chinese

Guangxi is the nearest China province to Vietnam. You can go to Vietnam by bus from Nanning Langdong Bus Station everyday morning. Of course you need to have the Vietnam visa first.

Langdong bus station in Nanning, Guangxi, China

The S.W.A.T is the elites in the Police Force, usually civilians can not see them in normal daily life. So when they showed up on the Police Open Day in the past few years, it became the focus of people’s attention.

Arm badge of Nanning S.W.A.T  Logo looks like a tiger

Nanning Police Office holds some Police Open Day in the past few years. People from all over Nanning are encouraged to attend the event. Here are more pictures taken in some Police Open Day in Nanning.

today I see an impressive picture. It is taken from one of churches in Nanning. Well, Nice shadow.

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