church in nanning [1 pic]

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Today I see an impressive picture. It is taken from one of churches in Nanning. Well, Nice shadow.


I think I’m going to write more essay about the churches in Nanning soon.

Picture: sunny-li

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3 Responses to “church in nanning [1 pic]”

  1. Bruce, This church is on Sun Yat Sen Boulevard isn’t it? I saw it last year sometime. It was being renovated. It had a green mesh material “wrappred around the exterior. Do you know if it is a Catholic church? There is another Church in that same area isn’t there. Do you know what Street it is on? You have made a nice site. Good job. I have enjoyed checking it out. Dan

    Hope to hear about some Chinese Temples in Nanning.

  2. Thanks for coming, Dan.
    Yes, and that road usually been called as “ZhongShan Road”(涓北璺). Maybe that church is the oldest one in Nanning. Now it was redecorated. Actually it is a Christ Church, I’m sorry about my old title.
    I been told that there are at least 5 churches in Nanning city, but I haven’t been to all that places. I will write more about them in the future.

  3. I been attending the Zhongshan Road Church.
    Songs and doctrine seems to be just like a Methodist Church but They tell me there Presbiterean. Church is full every Sunday. Catholic Church is located about a half block from there. It is easy to see the steeple from Xim min lu.

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