Chinese Calendar(2)

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The Traditional Chinese Calendar is a calendar based on lunar cycles, so it’s date is different from the date in the solar calendar we use today. But the days in a year are almost the same, to keep the number of days in a year according to the solar cycles.

Chinese traditional calendar

Before the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the lunar calendar is the official calendar in China. They say that the traditional calendar is good for the fammers, the Solar term in the traditional calendar is very useful for them to plan the Farm work. I don’t know much about farm work, sorry I can’t tell more about this. What I know is you can tell the moon’s age by looking at the lunar calendar, then you would know when the moon will show up in the sky tonight.

The most important part of the traditional calendar today is it tells the dates of all the Chinese traditional festivals. The Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Day and all the other Chinese tradition holidays are based on the lunar calendar, so you will find that not like the Christmas, the Spring Festival is not the same date in a year. Some times in January and some times in February.

For many young people, the traditional calendar is not that important in as in the old days, because the official calendar we use today is solar calender, and it’s more influenced in our daily business. Usually I don’t use the traditional calendar, except when I want to know when will a traditional holiday come or what is the moon’s age today, then I will know whethe the moon will show up tonight and about when the moon will show up in the night sky.

Today there are many calendars also contain more information besides calendar. Some information like Ba gua and Fengshui could also be found in some calendars. Though these info are regarded as superstition, but still popular among many old people. Honestly, I am not that interested in that kind of imformation, coz the calendars belong to different presses might give opposite opinions like whether it is good to hang out today.

digital Chinese Calendar

digital Chinese Calendar

The Chinese traditional calendar might be a great achievement of the ancient Chinese. Though it is no longer important for the young people today. but it still play a important role in the Chinese Culture, especially it decides all the Chinese traditional festivals.

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  1. Ok, So what is BA GUA? Many westerner may have heard about Fengshui. Well a little about it. It has to do with how a person’s house is arranged and in what direction doors and window are oriented and things like that. I think. But what is Ba Gua? Please tell us a little more. Thanks

  2. Try wikipedia:

    basically like that. Actually for me it is really too hard to translate .

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