Chinglish is everywhere

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Though English lession is compulsory subject in China Schools, but the Chinese typical English “Chinglish” is still everywhere(maybe that’s why it is everywhere). Here are two pictures taken in one of the hospital in Nanning, Guangxi. Seems those English on direction signs is not for English speaking person…

Caution! Wet Floor!

Caution! Wet Floor!

[3F] Hematology Department

3F: Hematology Dept. & 5F: Area Two

They translate it directly from Chinese…These unprofessional translations maybe machine’s work. Can you understand that “Chinglish”?

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5 Responses to “Chinglish is everywhere”

  1. Yes, that is so wonderful. I have been to Nanning 2 times and am going back in a couple of months. It was culture shock for me, but I loved it. I went to People’s Park many times, as my hotel was only a block away. I played volleyball with the people and had a wonderful time. I did exercises in the mornings in a park with a lot of exercise equipment. I can not remember the name of the park, but it was near the university. I was the only American there, but i think I made my girlfriend proud, hahahaha. Great site, I love it. Take care friend and best of luck to you always,


  2. Though English lession is compulsory subject in China Schools, but the Chinese typical English 鈥淐hinglish鈥 is still everywhere(maybe that鈥檚 why it is everywhere).

  3. Well, i do see very funny translation from EN to CN in some of the commercials abroad. word by word translation is typically used, if they simply want some “asian flavour”. Take it as it is, google translation is not doing better work on inverse direction :) and sometimes it gives funny thoughts in englisCH or frenCH.

    in france, we just say “c est du chinois” to require a “let it be” altitude : )

  4. I live in a coastal suburb of Bundaberg, in Queensland, Australia.

    Bundaberg has a Sister City Relationship with Nanning. Bundaberg has a sister city relationship with a city in Japan.

    Now to my question, “How many sister cities does Nanning have with other cities around the world ? Can you name them for me as it will help with my research.

    Ron Bridges

  5. Hi Ron……..can`t help you with your question, but it was SO good to see an Aussie on Bruce`s site (even though you`re a Maroon…I`m a Blue from Taree NSW…..admired Wally & Alfie very much).
    I married the most wonderful Chinese woman early last December & live in Wuzhou….moving to Nanning in a few days…..been here six weeks (spent all of last June here travelling around) & haven`t seen another Foreigner OR English speaker………luckily we have a Translator app.on a mobile……I`ll be teaching English to my new Grandson & some of his mates (Kindergarten level) plus my wife & family….really looking forward to it……I`m 78.yrs….I have my Temp.Resident Visa…..China & Oz are slowly intergrating.

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