five-color glutinous rice 五色糯米饭

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Those who has been to China must know that there is a kind of rice food is called Glutinous Rice(nuòmǐ fàn 糯米饭). And a kind of glutinous rice is wrapped in some big leaves, and it is called Zongzi(粽子). But I bet you may not heard about this:

home made five-color glutinous rice

home made five-color glutinous rice

In Guangxi, there is a very traditional snack called Five-color Glutinous Rice(五色糯米饭). Today I find that you just can see this food in Guangxi and some southern province of China, though I knew it when I was a kid and I really like it. This five-color glutinous rice is Zhuang people’s traditional food. Basically it is a kind of glutinous rice food, but it has five colors! These five colors usually are red, black, yellow, purple and white, and I have seen some have other colors like green and mauve.

five-color glutinous in a dish

five-color glutinous in a dish

The five-color glutinous rice is usually homemade, but you also can see it be sold at the supermarket. It is for entertaining the company in Zhuang people area. And on March 3 of lunar calendar, is a very important festival of Zhuang people, called “Folk Song Fair”(三月三歌圩), we like to have this five-color glutinous rice, in other traditional Chinese festival we make this food too, especially in QingMin Day(清明节), we sacrifice this rice to our ancestors.

five-color glutinous rice served in restaurant

five-color glutinous rice served in restaurant

How to make the glutinous rice colorful? Well, just color it. Of course not with paint. Here we can find some plants and vegetables which can be made to colored soup, usually five kinds of vegetables. Then put the glutinours rice in to the soup before you boil or steam the rice, so the rice will be colored. After the rice been steamed, it becomes the glutinous rice and has it is own color. Of course the white glutinous rice no need to be colored.

plants for coloring. Sorry I have no idea what is their English name

plants for coloring. Sorry I have no idea what are their English names

put the rice into soup for coloring

put the rice into soup for coloring

coloring rice 3-Nanning HereColoring rice 2-Nanning Here

QingMing is coming, soon we can see more five-color glutinous rice on the street in Nanning.

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6 Responses to “five-color glutinous rice 五色糯米饭”

  1. HI Bruce, I was talking a friend of my a few monthes ago. She mentioned black rice. I said I had never heard or ever seen it in Nanning. She said it was available. I thought she had said that rice was grown like that. But perhaps I was mistaken and that is what you can buy at the market. Can you tell me? How is the taste? Good? It is certainly colorful.
    Keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading your articles and I am learning so much. You must have returned to college now. I wish you luck. Danny Boy

  2. Well it could be different kinds of tastes, but most of the time it just tastes like normal glutinous rice, coz the soup itself usually has not much taste. But you can make it tastes special by adding some other seasoning or material like sausage or else. I even have eaten some sweet glutinous rice coz they added sugar when they steamed it.

  3. I saw these coloured rice and was wondering about them, thanks for info

  4. Can u find the name for the leaf in English …. Please!!!!!

  5. Black sticky (glutinous) rice is naturally black. When cooked the water is very dark purple. It has a strong flavor different to white rice. It is often made into a porridge , rather than eaten “dry”.
    A naturally occurring red (pink) rice is also available , which also has its own flavor, milder than black rice.

  6. I am a student in GXU. I like your website very much. It’s a pity that I have not met it earlier. I love five-color glutinous rice, my grandma make it on Tomb-Sweeping Day every year. It’s hard to find an English website that is so close to my life, hope to see more.

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