To Hanoi from Nanning, Guangxi China by bus

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Guangxi is the nearest China province to Vietnam, Ping Xiang is the nearest city to the China-Vietnam border, it is one of the busiest border trading points between Vietnam and China, making Guangxi to be an important access to Vietnam. Nanning is the capital of Guangxi province, the political, economy and culture center of Guangxi, and it becomes an important node of access to Vietnam.

Langdong bus station in Nanning, Guangxi, China

Langdong bus station in Nanning, Guangxi, China

Those who get the Vietnam visa can esaliy go to Vietnam from Nanning. You can go by bus or by train to Ping Xiang. There is a bus route from Nanning,China – PingXiang,China – Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s an international bus route, depart from Nanning Langdong bus station. departure time is 07:30, 08:30, 09:30 everyday morning, price is about 150 RMB. It takes about 2-3h to PingXiang(Friendship Gate), and other 1h for Immigration, then you can get in Vietnam. Destination is Hanoi. Whole time would be 7-8 hours.

Suggest you to get your Vietnam visa before you take the bus, and book the tickets in advance. Need more information you can call the travel agents.
Below is the location of Nanning LangDong Bus Station:

View 5 main bus stations in Nanning, China in a larger map

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16 Responses to “To Hanoi from Nanning, Guangxi China by bus”

  1. i am acitizen of USA but will visit vhina and nanning for the first time late april until early may, 2010. while there, i want to take 1 bus ride to hanoi (explained ver well above) and atrain or bus ride to guilan or guangzhou. can i go both cities in the same trip? how many hours to each? how much money? if it is a train, can i get a sleeper car??? thank u for this most helpful website. it makes me more anxious than ever to go to china. please answer if u can. thanku. robert allen, age 64, american tourist!

  2. Hello Mr Allen,

    Guangzhou is in another provence, and depending on your point of entry, it would not be on the way, and is about 8 hours west of Nan Ning by train. However you can go to Guilin (four hours north) before you come to Nan Ning and tour the city. And then you can get your visa to vitnam. And take a bus or train. By most accounts takeing the bus is the fastest way to Hanoi. Getting your visa can take 1 to 3 business days, depending on how much you want to spend. 340RMB to 550RMB next day.

    Nan Ning City Hostel

  3. I am an American living in SW Florida, but I lived in Nanning 4 years and was a teacher at # 3 Middle School 2 years.

    The information above is correct. The trip by bus to Hanoi is about 7 hours. There were no problems getting the visa and no problems crossing the border.

    When you get to Hanoi, I would suggest staying in the Old Quarter because it is in the center of everything you want to see. There is a chain of 5 Camillia Hotels in that area. Guilin is NE of Nanning and about a 4.5 hour bus trip. A very interesting city.

  4. Hello Bruce, The Vietamese consulate was next to the Trancentury Hotel on Minzu DaDao. Do you know if it is still there or has it moved? Also just for some additional FYI I believe that it take 1-4 days to get a visa for Vietnam.
    I like you coming back to site. I am always finding new and useful info here. You are doing a great job.

  5. The Vietnamese consulate in Nanning is on Minzu DaDao, right next to an investment building, a building with a large “G” printed on it. Not sure if it’s always been there. I got my visa there today, so I’m sure it’s still there :D

  6. How to go from Hanoi to Nanning?
    can you suggest any travel agencies that offer to book bus tickets online? or phone number.

    i’m going to Nanning from hanoi on 22nd of Jan 2012


  7. hello,
    i m aqib from pakistan ,now i m in shenzhen,and i want to tour to vietnam hanoi city by bus, and i need vietnam visa,
    is it i can get at vietnam consulate in nan ning city?

  8. Yes. And I remembered that many hotels here can get you a visa.
    I suggest you contact you hotel first before you go.

  9. Hi I am Soo, Iam a Malaysian and am interested to go to Hanoi from nanning. Do I need a vietnam visa? If I do where can I get the VIsa done?

  10. Hi I am Fauziah from Malaysia an I would like to go to Ho chic min City and from there would like to go to Nanning.Fisrt,is there any visa required to Vietnam and how to go to Nanning from Vietnam??

  11. Hi

    Can anyone tell me where the bus from Nanning to Hanoi terminates in Hanoi? My daughter and her friend will be on the bus this Sunday and I want to meet the bus here in Hanoi, where I live.

    Any advice appreciated!


  12. I would like to ask something to the nanning city hostel. Me and my friend would like to buy or reserve bus or train tickets from nanning to hanoi. We will come by train from beijing and stop in nanning. But we want to leave the same day. Somebody told me it is difficult to get tickets for the same day you want to leave. Can i make a reservation tru your hostel?

  13. from Hanoi to Nanning. What time does the bus arrive in Nanning? From there I would be heading south to Haikou and want to know if I need to stay overnight in Nanning.

  14. i ama sri lankan. my family willplan to visit vietnam in april2014. we can get visa to vietnam in sri lanka. on our viet tour we like to visit china for want to see the great wall. we want to go china by bus from hanoi. how can get chinese visa from hanoi to china only for 3 nights enough. please tell me and email. thank you

  15. Any good hotel in Nanning?

  16. I will go to hanoi fr nanning by bus on 1 oct 2018. How should buy theticket?is there online booking?
    Pls help…thx

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