Laoyou Noodles

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As I said in some older posts, rice noodles is the most popular food among the people who lives in Nanning. You can see lots of noodles chains in many streets. Among so many kinds of rice noodles, Nanning has its own specialty:
Laoyou noodles

Laoyou Noodles

Laoyou Noodles(鑰佸弸绮) the most popular one in Nanning

It has a history of a century. It is storied that there was a father who drunk tea in Zhou’s Teahouse everyday. Once, he missed due to a cold, the boss of Zhou’s Teahouse cooked a bowl of noodles with spicy ground garlic, lobster sauce, chili, sour bamboo shoot, ground beef and pepper for him. The father had a sweat and got his illness released after eating the noodles. Thus, the noodles gain the name (old friend noodles).

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5 Responses to “Laoyou Noodles”

  1. Thanks, Bruce. Some ingredients might be hard to find in Pennsylvania, USA but I’ll see. Looks tasty!

  2. These noodles are my favorite local dish. And if your hungery, or maybe you have a cold these noodles always hit the spot.

  3. Kenneth,
    Acutally the ingredients aren’t that difficult to find. You can find those stuff in pretty much any Asian market. The main ingredients are sour bamboo shoots and the so-called “lobster sauce”. The “lobster sauce” is made of soy beans or black beans, in Chinese we call it “Douchi” or blackbean paste. I have no idea why it’s got an English name of “lobster sauce”. There is nothing “lobster” to it…
    Here is some information about Douchi I found on Wikipedia, I hope that helps.
    And don’t forget to put in a lot of hot sauce in the soup, lol, that’s the soul of Laoyou Noodles. Hope you can take spicy foods, and enjoy…

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  5. can someone PLEASE post the exact recipe for this soup. i had it many times in my 2 trips to nanning in the last year. thank you, jeff

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