Last CET of 2009

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Dec.19,2009. The last CET of 2009 was held in many Universities in China Mainland.

The College English Test, better known as CET, is a national English as a Foreign Language test in the People’s Republic of China.

Before the 2005 reform, the full credit was 100 points. This test was held nationally twice a year in June and December. The CET consisted of the non-English-specialized “Band 4″, in which certificate-holders have reached the English level of non-English major undergraduate students, and “Band 6″, in which the certificate-holders have reached the English level of non-English major postgraduates. The test included listening, reading and writing sections. The spoken test was optional and required certain points from the written test.

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When you walked in many Universities in Naning, you could find that some teaching buildings were sealed off, because they are used as examination rooms. The test time was 09:00-11:20 and 15:00-17:20, the CET4 was held in the morning and the CET6 was in the afternoon. The examination area is closed to the traffic for noice control, especially there is a listening part in the test.

The CET is held in the 3rd or 4th Saturday of December and June, usually after 20th of that month. Full score is 710, which means if your score is above 426, you pass it. CET6 is harder than the CET4 and you have to pass band 4 to get the qualification of band 6. If you pass the CET, the Ministry of Education will give you a certificate. Now it become a common English ability certificate for the students of higher education.

CET-4 certificate sample

CET-4 certificate sample

CET-6 certificate sample

CET-6 certificate sample

Personally, I don’t think the student’s English ability can be well reflected in these test, but CET is still an important test for most of the college students in Mainland China.

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6 Responses to “Last CET of 2009”

  1. Bruce, Interesting. Do you have to have a level 4 to gain entrance to some or all colleges and university?

  2. Well, the CET is mainly for college students. Most of universities will request their undergraduates to pass band 4 and the graduates to pass band 6. I have passed CET 6 already.

  3. Bruce, Hello! I am glad to see you adding to your Nanning page. It is always interesting to read the new stuff. Right now I have a couple of questions about some of the old stuff. You said that you have past the CET 6 test already. What is that test used for? Is it used to qualify for post graduate studies( ie, at the graduate and Doctorate level) and for studying abroad? When do the students usually take this test? In High School or in the university? I hope you have a good summer vacation. Do you have any plans? Also good luck with your final exams this year. They should be starting soon. Yes?

  4. Most of the universities request thier students at least pass CET4 before they get the bachelor’s degree, and pass CET6 before they get the graduate degree. CET6 is the highest level national English test for non-english major students, those who pass CET6 could have more opportunities in job hunting and higher learning(of course it is just works in mainland China).
    Most of students take CET when they enter university, but I have some classmates pass it when they in high school. Of course only a few can do this.
    P.S. final exam is coming, from late June to early July. Really a big challenge to me. I have to work much harder. @_@

  5. Bruce, Thanks for your reply. Good luck on your final exams. Is this your last yeat year? (Are you a senior?) You are a Computer Science Major, aren’t you? I wish you good fortunes.

  6. PS, Good luck to all those students taking the GAOKAO. Must be a lot of stressed out students in Nanning and China this week. Parents also.

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