Legend of Five Elephants City

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Those who has been to Nanning would know that this city is known as the “Green city” of China. Actually the city has another nickname, called “Five Elephants City“.

sculpture of five elephants

sculpture of five elephants

When you are walking on the Five Elephants Square in Langdong District, you can see a big sculpture of five elephants on it. That is another symbol of this city. In the fourth traditional ethnic minority sports meet, mascot is a lovely elephant because it was held in Nanning.

Why do people called this city the “five elephant city”? Some people say that there is a mountain in town called “five elephant mountain“, so the city is called in this way. Well, that might be right, but I also got another way of saying. There is a legend back to the Period of the Warring States (475 B.C.-221 B.C.), Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of Qin, wanted to to prevent floods by water control in Southern China. One night he had a dream, in the dream he see an old man floating in the air.

The old man turn a centipede into a banboo whip and then give it to him, and tell him use the whip to herd five immortal elephants to the south, then the flood would be stopped. The emperor believes and then herd the elephants towards south. When they just pass the Yong River(where Nanning locates today), they heard a cock crowing somewhere, the sun will rise soon. Suddenly the banboo whip turn back to be a centipede because it is afraid of being eaten by a cock, so it ran away, and the five elephants would not move without the wrip and stay put, Then the emperor wake up. He felt it strange and sent someone to the south to see what happened. His men came back and said there are five new mountains appeared, looked like five elephants. So these five mountains are called “five elephants mountain” and there is no more flood in this area. Then elephant becomes the mascot of people who lives here, they believe that the elephant will make them stay safe forever.

sculpture of five elephants

sculpture of five elephants

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  1. Gday mate,

    When indulging myself in the leisure browsing, your website caught my eyes. Very great try, man! I do admire your efforts in promoting your hometown, and our profound Chinese culture.

    Now i am studying overseas in Melbourne, and seeking entrepreneurship in Nanning after I gradute. So I will come back to your website a lot.


  2. tank you for this l茅gend !

  3. Dear Lad,

    I’m so glad to know about “Legend of Five Elephants City” cause i’m so curious about that statue. Btw, i was at nanning for this November. i love that City cause there lot of park and kind ppl around me. i stayed one month at Sixian Lu for Guangxi International Youth Exchange Program and i ll visit nanning again someday. i ll recommended this web for all participant that there’s web which gimme information about nanning in english ;)

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