[location] Protestant Church in Nanning

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The information shows that there are at least two protestant church in Nanning. But none of these churches have more public information on the Internet. Here is as far as I can go:

  • Protestant Church in Zhong Shan Road
  • Location: No.65 Zhong Shan Road

Zhong shan Road Church

This is the oldest one in Nanning city. Built in 1907 by Englishman, giving it a history of more than 100 years. It also the most famous church amoung the citizens. It is redecorated in recent years, but it is more like a symbol of the old history, there is no longer so many activities like in the old days. Many events have change to the new church in Gong He Road.

  • Protestant Church in Gong He Road
  • Address: Gong He Road

Gonghe road Church

This is a new church. Not sure when it was built, but it seems more active than the oldest one.

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13 Responses to “[location] Protestant Church in Nanning”

  1. I saw the old Protestant church last year. It had green netting around it’s exterior. It looks nice now. Aren’t there two Catholic churches in that section of town also?

  2. Sir, I am staying in Nanning and rely on my wife to show me to different churches, I will try to find your church. Sorry but I do not know Nanning very well! I am an Englishman staying here to rescue the granddaughter from a not very pleasant life. When in England I regularl;y worship at St Leonard’s Parish Church by the sea in East Sussex, South of England and often play the organ there. I took my vows in the Franciscan third order many years ago. I just enjoy taking part in worship now. My days of being active are at an end! I am relying on God to give us help for my granddaughter. I hope to meet you soon. Regards Brian

  3. This church has gone a long way ahead now with a English only service and a growing International community
    Seekers of what’s christianity and those who thirst for a lively english fellowship are very much welcome
    My mobile no. 0086 – 13277718227
    Praise be to the only God

  4. We are Chinese Indonesians and were looking for an English speaking church on 24th September 2014. We are from a Baptist church and Assembly of God back in Jakarta. We were thrilled when we find the info of a protestant church on this website. Its on Gong He road ” Gong He Lu” church of Nanning number 168. Its really close to the Parkson Mall compound (The Orchard Road of Nanning) “Chong San Lu/ Chong San road”. The church building is right by Yeste hotel and Baba Hotel.

    We were thrilled whenever we arrived on 4pm- Sunday and it really looks like a great church. (Sermon on 2nd floor. Kid’s ministry on 3rd).

    Sadly for us English Service were no more and none of our group understand Mandarin.

    I think the best solution is to group up with other Christian expats and make your own community cell for Bible Studies. GOOD LUCK GUYS! TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!

  5. Anyone interested to setup an English speaking cell group? My wife and I are from Singapore and we are now staying near the new Nanning Dongzhan Train Station

  6. Hi
    Looking for a Christian church in Nanning that 1) has English and 2) will let my Chinese husband attend with me!

  7. Hi Richard
    I just move to Nanning ? did you get a group going? I would be open to joining.kat

    Looking for a Christian church in Nanning that 1) has English and 2) will let my Chinese husband attend with me!

  8. @kat
    Yes the Zhong Shan Church English Service @7:30Pm allows both Chinese and Foreigners :)

  9. @ashwanth Is the service on sundays? Do you have the address in Chinese?

  10. My father Wilfrid Stott was a missionary in Nanning and Wuming from 1929 -1950. He was responsible for building the old protestant church (Emmanuel Church) in them 1930s. A couple, friends of mine, went to this church this year 2016, and arrived in the evening at the end of a prayer meeting and said that there 500 in attendance. The Missions board indicated that the church supports missionaries working in ten countries of SE Asia. My parents last tour 1946-1950 was in Wuming and I and 3 of my sisters were there at the time. The church in Wuming has been pulled down, but I understand that another is to be built on ground that has been allocated tot he church. My sister saw the plot of land on her visit in 2009. I would like to know any more news. Chris Stott

  11. I recently relocated to Nanning and is currently looking for a church or a fellowship that speaks mainly English. Maybe I should go check out the 7:30pm English service at the Zhong Shan Church. If anyone is planning to start a fellowship, please let me know, I would love to join and meet new people:)

    My wechat ID: emilyw8423

  12. I would like to attend church in China, I’m from Cambodia, and I don’t know where Christian church is in Guangxi Nanning, thanks in advance if you help me with this

  13. Any updates about Christian fellowships or bibles studies in Nanning?thank you.

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