Mosque in Nanning Ⅰ

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This is the only mosque in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, China.

The mosque was first built in Qing Shunzhi years(1644-1661). it was Destroyed by war in 1857, Then it was rebuild in 1866. after a long vicissitudes of time, in 1981, the mosque eventually been rebuilt in current site: No.25, Xinhua Road. Designed by Majunsi (马骏驷), a Hui engineer. So it becomes what we can see today.image

南宁清真寺 Mosque in Nanning[pic: simei]

As it is a mosque, this building is green and has an Arab architectural style, which makes it so uniqe in this city.This mosque is recently been rebuilt and extended again. now there is a new Islam building right behind this mosque. It is a nine floors Islam Building which was built in 2008, believe to be a new base of Nanning Islamic Association.

first and second floors are dining-hall, provide Halal food to the public. It is known as an old and famous brand among the old nanningers because it’s delicious taste.

introduction says that the third floor is an office and the fourth floor is a chaple.
but personally, I never been to the third floor or upper floors.

It is interesting that the Catholic Church is not that well known than the mosque among most of the local people.When you walk on the stree, you ask 10 locals where the Catholic Church is, maybe just half of them could show you the exact location. But when you say: “Tsing zen si“(Mosque’s Putonghua pronunciation), the pronunciation of mosque in Putonghua, nine out of ten, the one who been asked will suddenly understand and say “Oh~ Tsing zen si” and then tell you exactly where the mosque is.

It jus like a mark in the old Nanning history.

Source: Original Picture: Simei

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  1. Sorry for all the comments but on my last trip to Beijing I met a new friend. He is of the Hui minority and he talked about Halal food. It was the first time that I heard that term. Halal food is to Islamic people like Kosher food is to the Jewish people. One thing about Halal food is that it does not use any pork.

    Bruce do you know if the Hui Minority is the only Islamic Minority in Nanning or are there others. Like the Ulgurs?

    Hope you don’t mind all the questions and comments. Thanks.

  2. And also the animal must be slaughtered in the name of Allah as part of strict procedure on the slaughtering method. Animals like goat, camel, cows, buffalo etc are only allowed. you can refer details about halal in wikipedia. thanks.

  3. This is very usefull information. I’ll go to Nanning on September 4th tomorrow. Thank you so Much Bruce.

    Kind Regards;

  4. It’s really nice and delicious food, since China isn’t a muslim country but it’s not dificult to find halal food
    but if you don’t speak mandarin, it’s difficult to order the meal unless you show the picture of the food

  5. Hi, can you share any hotel that is near to the mosque which is wheelchair friendly. Thanks much

  6. Hi, Bruce I will be in nanning on April 2014. Would you help me where should I stay with halal food for Muslim.

  7. You can definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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