Mosque in Nanning Ⅱ

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This is the most famous Islam Building in this city.

Its popularity has nothing to do with religion, though you can see many Hui people there. the halal food, especially the beef noodle(牛肉粉) is the reasons for it.image

南宁清真寺 Mosque in Nanning, CHINA

this mosque is more like a restaurant to most of the citizens ever since 1985(OMG, even older than me!). It provies unique Halal food which you can’t eat in any other place in this city in the old days. Of course today it is different, the halal food Restaurant has many subbranches around the city. We have one on the campus of Guangxi University too.

My Mom worked in Xinhua Road, she would like to go to that mosque for breakfast or lunch every now and then. So is the people who works nearby. As the mosque is located in downtown, makes many people like to go there to have some food after shopping, enjoy the delicious halal food for a change.
well, we have used to treat it as a restaraunt.

You can have many kinds of halal foods there with very reasonable prices. The beef noodle is its famous dish.image

Front door of the Mosque

usually you have had to queue for a quarter to get one. the key is its soup, no idea how to discribe it, but maybe it’s the best soup for beef noodle that I ever have! you will never know untill you taste it yourself.

my personal favourate is Ganlao noodles(干捞粉) and beef noodles, :-D and the Youbing(油饼) is nice too. It makes me realised that even “No pork, no lard”, this kind of food is still nice-tasted .

walk in the mosque at a hot summer noon and enjoy a bow of that beef noodle, yeah, that is great!


No.25 Xinhua Road, Nanning
南宁市新华街25号 南宁清真寺

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  1. assalamu alaikum,

    pls i need mobile number & masque phone,

    duva salam,

  2. I need to know any masjid or mosque in Naning and whether Eid ul Fitr salat will be held anywhere in Naning.I am in FANGCHENG and need to go for Eid salat

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