Nanning Bird and Flower Market

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Nanning YuanHu Bird and Flower Market(鍗楀畞鍥箹鑺遍笩甯傚満) is the biggest market selling flowers, bonsai, pets and other small toys in Nanning. It is going to be demolished for railway expansion and solving the nearby old traffict problem. I guess it might be the last time to see this market.

Nanning bird and flower market 鍗楀畞鍥箹璺姳楦熷競鍦

Nanning bird and flower market 鍗楀畞鍥箹璺姳楦熷競鍦

Nanning bird and flower market is to the east side of Nanning People’s Park(鍗楀畞浜烘皯鍏洯). It is on the top of a hill right across the east side of People’s park. It is the most famous local place selling many kinds of flowers, plants, bonsai, birds, pets and many other things. It has been the biggest flea market for decades, making it a crowded place every day. People like to buy pets, birds, plants there, and I believe it has the most complete sorts of plants that you can find in Nanning, China. You can find many shop are selling handicrafts, small toys, souvenirs even special聽 rocks, and on weekends you can find some people are selling some old stuff belong to couple of centries ago. Many old people like to walk aroud after they exercised in the People’s park in the morning.


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Though it is the biggest market, but the public traffic near it is a historical problem. During rush hour, the traffic jams every day at the crossing right infromt of this market. And because is next to the railway(the railway just out side the market’s fence), the expansion of the railway request this market to be move away. Local govenment decide to demolish this market in the next couple of months, which means this current biggest flower and birds market will disappear soon. Bad news is thers is no a good聽 place for the聽 merchants to form a new market like this. Hope they can find a new market soon.

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4 Responses to “Nanning Bird and Flower Market”

  1. Please tell me when this market being demolished. I will be in Nanning on 1st APRIL. Can I still see the market?

  2. Unfortunately it already been demolished, just a couple of days ago… Hope the new one could be built soon.

  3. Hi!

    We will be in Nanning next year 2014, is there a new market now?

  4. I first went there during my first visit to Nanning years ago and it was great to see and I bought some things. Now, I live permanently in Nanning and it is good that it did relocate. I have been to the new location and it is also good.

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