Nanning imagery update in google earth

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New update of Google Earth imagery on Mar 8th 2010 shows that the satellite image of Nanning area is updated. New image shows that the image was taken on Feb 11th, 2010. That day was really a good day, no cloud cover Nanning area. But unfortunately Langdong area(鐞呬笢) is to the east of this updated imagery, so it is still shows the imagery of 2002, though it is the fastest developing area in Nanning.

New update of Nanning area

New update of Nanning area

In the past few years, Nanning city changes a lot, and the old map is nolonger reliable. This new update would help those who use Google Earth or Google Map to know this city better.


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  1. thanks for the update, yes the map was well out of date before.

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