Nanning People’s Park (1)

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There is an interesting phenomenon: In many cities in China mainland, there is alway has a park is named “Ren Min Park“, also be called as “People’s Park” in English.

Just like other big cities, Nanning has its own “People’s Park”, it’s located very close to the downtown. You can see it from Google mpas below:

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Nanning People’s Park also has an other name: “White dragon Park“. You know, the word “dragon” is a kind of legendary creatures in Chinese Culture, also be translated as “Loong” in English. Perhaps this is the old name of this park. They call it white dragon park because there is a big lake which is called “White Dragon Lake” in the park. The legend says that in Song Dynasty (about 1000 years ago), a famous general named Diqing stationed his troops here. One day he saw a group of sheep by the lake, looks like a white dragon, then he named this lake “White dragon Lake”.image

Nanning People’s Park

After you walk in the gate, you can see Hundreds of stone steps right in front of you. People says there are 141 steps, but I can’t remember that clearly. Many people like to climb the step, up and down, as a kind of exercises. After you climb to the top of the stairs, you are standing on the top of this hill, it is the heightest point in Nanning urban area.

There is a ancient emplacement on this highest point. This emplacement has a history of more than 100 years. In the emplacement, you can see a big iron cannon inside. That bing cannon is made in German in 1890.

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