Nanning People鈥檚 Park (2)

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The hill that you first see when you walk in the Park’s gate is called “Wang Xian Po“(鏈涗粰鍧), a stair made up of 141 big stone steps will lead you up to the top.

Krupp cannon in Nanning

Krupp cannon in Nanning

On the top of the hill there is a battery, named “Zhen Ning” battery, means “calm Nanning”, to keep these area steady. This battery is made up of black granite, looks like a ring-shaped fort. Located on the highest point of this area, making this battery to be a perfect commanding elevation.
Inside this battery, there is a huge iron cannon which was imported from Germany in 1890. It was a product of the Krupp company, known as “the Cannon King” or as “Alfred the Great” at that time. and this cannon maybe is the biggest one around the town. When I was a kid, I liked to climb to that cannon for play. It impressed me that the iron body kept cool even in hottest month of a year.

As far as I know, there is another big iron cannon in the urban area. It is inside the Guangxi Zhuangzu Museum on Minzu Avenue. Haven’t seen it for a long time, no that sure whether it is still there.

White Dragon Lake

White Dragon Lake

On the southern side of the hill, is the White Drogan Lake(鐧介緳娼). There is a Nine-Tuning Zigzag Bridge on the lake, maybe the longest one in this town. Zigzag bridge is quite common in many big parks in China, which you may not seen them in other non-asian countries. They raise a school of big carps, the tourists can buy some fish food to feed them. It is fun to feed the fish, and those lively big carps make the People’s Park more famous.

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