Nanning People鈥檚 Park (3)

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Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs

On the park’s northeastern side, there is a monument on the top of a hill surrounded by evergreens. By climbing up 157 stone steps then you can reach its front.

The monument was built in honor of the revolutionary martyrs who laid down their lives for the revolutionary struggles of the Chinese people in the age of revolution and war.

The structure stands 20 metres tall, looks like a smaller type of that Monument to the People’s Heroes in the Tiananmen Square. On east and west side of the monument there is an inscription which reads “Eternal glory to the revolutionary martyrs!”

Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs

Monument to the Revolutionary Martyrs

Build in 1956, this monument now becomes a historical sites for patriotic education. The small square at the foot of the hill also a good place for many people to do morning exercises. When you walk in the park in the morning, you can see many retired people doing Taijiquan or dancing there.

The Pleasure Ground

Ferris wheel in Peoples Park

Ferris wheel in Peoples Park

Like many other big parks, the people’s park has its own pleasure ground for kids and young people. In the play ground, there are Ferris wheel, giddy-go-round, bumper cars and some other kinds of play equipment. Mainly for kids and young people to have fun and excitement. It is recently redecorated, I think it will have more fun.

The Aquarium

There is also an aquarium in the park. Build in 2001, makes it another palce to see ocean animals except the Nanning Zoo. As Nanning is not a coastal city, the aquarium is not very big, but it is a good place to see some marine lives and teach kids something about the animals live in sea.

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