Nanning Picture: Stall for entertainment

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This is a picture taken on a very ordinary stall on a street side of Nanning:

An old man is taking care of his stall. Everning, Nanning China

It is a stall offering small games for entertainment which you some times can see on many street side of Nanning Guangxi and other places in China. You can find them on the roadside, in the park or some squares. It offers some small games. You can pay to paly these small game, and if you play well, you can get a reward or some prizes from the owner.
It is highly welcomed by most of kids. Many parents taking their children out for a walk, usually will let the kids to play this small games:

Baloon shooting. On the left of the picture you can see many balloons are hanging on a red cloth, in front of the balloons there is a table, and there are some BB guns. You can pay to use that BB gun to shot the balloons for fun.

Rings. You see those small toys on the ground? Those are the prizes. The owner will give you some big rings, and you have to stand behind a line and throw the rings to hitch the prize you want, then you can own it.

Toy-Hit. The old man is placing some toys on the shelf. You can get some small sand bags, you can throw it towards the toys on the shelf. Again if you hit the toy down, you own the toy too.

Most of time you will find these stalls in the evening, because then the parents will have time to take the kids out. But in some parks you can find them in the daytime to let the tourists to have fun.

Photo By 鑲夎吘鑵

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