Nanning Street Sign

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Nanning is the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. As the name says, there are many Zhuang people live in this region, actually we have The largest number of Zhuang people in this region, though still a lot of people call Guangxi a “province”. You can see some details about Zhuang people which you may not pay attention to.
When you walk on streets of Nanning city, you usually can see the street sign on one side of the road. Here is a picture of the street sign in Nanning:

Nanning Street sign: This is Nanjian Road.

Nanning Street sign: This is Nanjian Road.

Well, the main big Chinese character in the middle is the Chinese street name, of course. And the character “鍗” means the South and the character “鍖” means the North, it tells the direction of the street. But what are those roman letters on the top and the bottom of the street sign?

The fact is the roman letter on the button is the Hanyu Pinyin of this street,聽the finall two letters “LU” means “Road” or “Street” in Chinese.聽聽And the roman letter on the top is the street name written in Zhuang language. Well actually I can’t read the Zhuang language, and I don’t think there are many people would like to use it, but it really a speciall detail of all the street signs in Nanning.

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  1. Bruce , Your site is coming along very nicely. You are doing a nice job. Can You tell me what the Chinese character are for between the words North and South.

    Also it is interesting about the Zhuang language.

    Please keep up the fine job you are doing. I want to wish you a happy and prospeous Year of the Tiger!!

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