Nanning Transportation

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Endowed with three geographical advantages, namely near to the river, near to the sea (it is 172 kilometers away from Fangcheng harbor, 204 kilometers away from Beihai harbor and 104 kilometers away from Qinzhou harbor) and near to the frontier (it is about 200 kilometers away from Youyiguan which borders Vietnam), Nanning has a developed solid transport net including airway, railway, highway and waterway.


Wuxu AirportAs a national 4D-class airport which is 32 kilometers away from the urban area, Nanning Wuxu International Airport has now opened more than 20 national and international flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi and so on. There are special buses running between the airport and urban district everyday and passengers can take them at the ticket office for civil aviation at the railway station. Besides, many hotels and guesthouses also provide meeting and seeing off service.
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Nanning StationThanks to railways like Xianggui, Jingui, Lizhan, Nanfang and Nankun, Nanning railways are directly or indirectly connected with most railways in the country, thus can lead passengers to Zhanjiang and Guangzhou in the east, Qinzhou, Fangcheng and Beihai in the south and Hanoi of Vietnam in the southwest.
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Nanning has formed a convenient and quick transport network composed of national road, provincial road and highway, which closely connect with each other and can lead passengers to every county and city in the province as well as the main cities in the country. With Nanning as its main node, the Guilin鈥揃eihai highway is the longest regional one in the country. The nearest passage to sea in the southwest China, Nangning鈥揌echi (Shuiren) highway had come to service in September, 2004 which connects Guizhou, Sichuan and other places. Besides the highway to Guangzhou and other projects are under construction. In all, in the urban area there are six long-distance passenger stations which have 371 routes and provide coaches to 7 regions inside and outside the city, and 57 counties and cities.


Yongjiang RiverThe Yujiang River running through Nanning city is merged by the Zuojiang River and Youjiang River meeting at Sanjiangkou, and its section from the urban area to the Bachi River in Yongning is called the Yongjiang River. Being the leading port of the waterways on Xijiang River and a pivotal port of inland river in the country, Nanning port is an important component of the sailing passage in the southwest which takes on the responsibility of collecting and dispatching goods from and to Nanning and its surrounding regions, transporting the exports from the province and partial goods delivered by Nankun railway. Its main lines include Yongwu line, Yongshui line, Yongbai line and lines to Hong Kong and Macau, which can lead passengers to Longzhou, Baise, Guigang, Wuzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao.

Local Transportation

The transport network in the urban area is better and better, and now has four tracks as framework, namely the first ring way, the second ring way, the speed driving ring way, and the outer ring way.

Public Bus

Nanning BusThe bus transport is well developed in Nanning, having introduced the Hong Kong Baima (Group) Company with which the Nanning Bus Head Company established the Nanning Baima Bus Company at joint venture. At present, there are 2050 buses owned by 4 companies, and all of them are self-ticketing bus at cost of 1.2 yuan for common one and 2 yuan for those with air-conditioners. By using the IC card, passengers may enjoy some discount. And the earliest running time is 5 in the morning and the latest one is 12 at night.


There are about 3700 taxi belonged to 9 taxi companies. They are in different colors but with uniform taximeters and roof lights, and the minimum fare of the initial two kilometers is RMB7.00.

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