Old man likes playing Chinese Chess in Nanning

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There are two old Chinese games that many old people like to play. One is MaJiang(楹诲皢), another is Chinese Chess(涓浗璞℃). The biggest difference between these two games is Majiang needs 4 player to play, while Chinese Chess just needs two.

You walk on the street, you some times can find two men sitting under a tree, and there is a wood board putting between them, and there are many pieces on that board, you can see the two players are focus all their attention on that board. Yes, that is the Chinese Chess Board, and they are playing the game now.

Chinese Chess Board in Nanning China

Chinese Chess Board in Nanning China

Most of the time there must be a crowd of people there watching these two men’s play, especially that is a nice play, all the onlookers will stand on side quietly, in Chinese called “He is truly a princely man who watches in silence a game of chess”.

Chinese chess is a very popular game among people here, almost every one knows how to play. Though is called “chess” but it is totally different from the chess in the west or Japan.

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