Pics: Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival

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Nanning International Arts Festival of Folks Songs Arts Festival(鍗楀畞鍥介檯姘戞瓕鑹烘湳鑺) draws artists from all over the world to attend this grand ceremony. Nanning becomes an outstanding city because of folk songs, and folk songs become well known because of Nanning. The festival is mainly composed of theme events鈥攃ulture, business and trade, and tourism where the cultural event includes the Opening Evening, the Ocean of Songs鈥攃ultural activities and special performances, including the Chinese Folk Song Competition.

Here are some pictures which were taken at the Opening Evening:

Picture: 钃濊壊鐨勬按|

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2 Responses to “Pics: Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival”

  1. Hi Bruce!! How are you during? Do you know where the Music concert with be held this year? Is it somewhere different or is it going to be across from the EXPO center?

    I always enjoy reading your update.

  2. The concert will be held on Oct.20th, in a new place: Guangxi Sport Center, the new gym just complete and put to use last month. It locates in Wuxiang new district, haven’t been marked on many maps. But there will be special bus line to there soon.

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