Senior Grade Three for National Higher Education Entrance Examination

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It is 2 weeks to GaoKao(楂樿), also known as National Higher Education Entrance Examination, or college entrance examination, the most important examination for Chinese Senior High students. The Senior Grade Three(楂樹笁), also been called as 12th grade in some other countries, is the last year in high school, and it is the final year to prepare for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. My personal experience told me that is really a time of hardship.

Gaokao 2010 lasts two days: from June.7 – June.8, making it an important moment for the examinees. Three subjects are mandatory everywhere: Chinese, Mathematics聽 and a foreign language — usually English but may also be substituted by Japanese, Russian or French. The other 6 standard subjects are 3 sciences Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and 3 humanities History, Geography聽 and Political Education.

The final result of this exam will dicide which university/college the examinee can go to in the nest September. The final exam score is the most important reference standard to enter the gate of university.

High school students usually will spend all 3 years in high school to prepare this exam. For some of them, it is a biggist chance to change their lives. You can’t image how many exercise we have done for this.

Here is a photo I taken from my classroom when I was in Senior Grade Three, you can see the tables all been covered by our textbooks and exercise books!

My Senior grade three classroom in Nanning No.3 High School(鍗楀畞涓変腑)

My Senior grade three classroom in Nanning No.3 High School(鍗楀畞涓変腑)

At that time we won’t take our books back, coz we will spend more that 12 hours in this classroom per day. Take those books back is not a good idea.

This is what our teacher can see from his platform

This is what our teacher can see from his platform

Now you can see we just like been swamped by our books~ Sometimes we feel too tired and we just fall asleep and the teacher can’t see us.聽 The three big red charactors on the wall is a slogan, means “I Want To Learn” in Chinese.

And this is my seat.

And this is my seat.

The table we use is this type, not a good design. We have to flip the desktop to open the drawer, so you can see that fliped-desktop is left empty. The black briefcase on the side of table is for storing exam papers. We have exams almost everyday.

Well, that is my high school classroom. That is Nanning No.3 High School(鍗楀畞涓変腑), one of the “key high schools”, so almost every student took part in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. I took these photos 16 days before Gaokao.

Finally, best wishes to those young juniors, hope they can do their best in this exam. Good Luck!

National Higher Education Entrance Examination
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3 Responses to “Senior Grade Three for National Higher Education Entrance Examination”

  1. Great posting and very interesting, wow so many books, How do you see the teacher over the books.

  2. Hi, Bruce
    I happened to log on this website and found it a really attractive place, actually, I was growing up in Nanning, furthermore, I also graduated from the No3. High School in 1984, when is long time ago, now, I am working and living in Beijing, visit your website is a very special way to re-experience my hometown.
    Good job!

  3. Hallo, Bruce!
    I’m a foreigner in Nanning. I’ve been to Nanning for master program. This is my first year in Nanning. I also have started to study Chinese so I have some problems. I’m very glad to find your websites. Lucky me! I have one question, I hope you can help me, that’s the question about primary school for non-Chinese child. I have a child, she’s 11 years old now. I want to take her to Nanning, but I haven’t known any school for international children in Nanning. I heard that there is a tutoring center which only teach children by English, but I don’t know the exactly name of that primary school (or tutoring center? I’m not sure). So, can you please help me to find the primary school or any school, center like that for my daughter? You’ve been in Nanning longer than me, also your Chinese and English is better than me. I really need help :(
    Thanks for reading.
    Best regards,
    Mr Vo

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