Shimen Forest Park, Nanning China

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All public parks(except Nanning Zoo) in Nanning was ticket-free since May.1.2008, giving all citizens many places to go for a walk. Today I’d like introduce the Shimen Forest Park(鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯), it seems it is the only park in Langdong(鐞呬笢) district. Though been called as forest park, acctually it is not a big park in Nanning, but it is a good place for people who live or work near by to go for a walk or do some exercise in the morning. Some times we go there for barbecue. In spring many people would like to go there to see the flowers like cherry and peach blossom.

Shimen Forest Park Nanning China 鍗楀畞鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯

Shimen Forest Park Nanning China 鍗楀畞鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯

Add: No.118 Minzu Ave, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Tel: +86 771 551 1962 鈥

Transit: 鐭抽棬妫灄鍏洯 (800 m)聽聽 6璺, 25璺, 39璺, 42璺, 43璺, 52璺, 76璺, 87璺, 90璺, 206璺

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  1. Hi there! Of course, Shimen FP is very small, but nice and quiet.
    Amusement Place for young people and great barbecue area. They have build new ways to allow fire brigade move better in the park. The park has thus lost some of its charm, but still stays a nice place to walk and rest!You can add Buslines 72,16,79,609,704 to your list!

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