picture:stall for entertainment on the roadside in Nanning


November 11th is a unique entertaining festival in Mainland China, called as Bachelor’s festival(鍏夋鑺)

We reach the max of the year on Nov.11~

Nanning bird and flower market is going to be demolished. See it for the last time.

Nanning bird and flower market 鍗楀畞鍥箹璺姳楦熷競鍦

Chinese Chess in Nanning is very popular.

Chinese Chess Board in Nanning China

Nanning China snack: Changfen(鑲犵矇/鍗风瓛绮)

Changfen(鑲犵矇) in Zhong Shan Rd, Nanning China

An Q pic shows you the holiday arrangements for National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in 2010

Holiday arrangements for National Day and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

In China mainland, most of the new students need to take part in a military training when they get into a new school. So do we here.

Parade in the last day of military training
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