In China mainland, most of the new students need to take part in a military training when they get into a new school. So do we here.

Parade in the last day of military training

Let me show you what my classroom in Senior Grade Three(12th grade) looks like. That is really a hard time for high school students.

My Senior grade three classroom in Nanning No.3 High School(鍗楀畞涓変腑)

I’d like to show some pictures of Guangxi University(骞胯タ澶у), photo by SAP

March 2010, Guangxi University, Nanning Guangxi China

This post is about the new Nanning School Uniform and the old one. You can see what the students are wearing today and tomorrow.

new style Nanning school uniform

More pictures of those school gates… From No.21
Some are vocational schools, but they have number too.

鍗楀畞浜屽崄涓涓 No.21 Middle School

I saw an interesting post just a moment ago, it shows pictures of almost all the gates of middle schools in Nanning City. I translate it and post it here to let you see what these gates look like. :-D


Dec.19,2009. The last CET of 2009 was held in many Universities in China Mainland. The CET is still an important test for most of the college students in Mainland China.

CET-4 certificate sample
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