November 11th is a unique entertaining festival in Mainland China, called as Bachelor’s festival(鍏夋鑺)

We reach the max of the year on Nov.11~

pictures of 2010 Nanning – South East Asia food festival(2010鍗楀畞-涓滃崡浜氬浗闄呮梾娓哥編椋熻妭)

2010 Nanning food festival

An Q pic shows you the holiday arrangements for National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in 2010

Holiday arrangements for National Day and Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2010

I know that in other part of China there must be different kinds of traditions, but this is what I do in Ghost Festival in Nanning.

Nanning lemon duck

Dragon boat racing in YangMei(鏉ㄧ編), Nanning Guangxi, 2010


Apr.5 is the Tomb-sweeping Day in China, also known as Qingming Festival(娓呮槑鑺). A very important day for grave sweeping.

Qingming in the cemetery, Guangxi China
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