In Guangxi, there is a very traditional snack called Five-color Glutinous Rice(浜旇壊绯背楗). Have you seen the rice with different colors? See this post.

home made five-color glutinous rice

Among so many kinds of rice noodles, Nanning has its own specialty:
Laoyou noodles

Laoyou Noodles

Today I’d like to tell you more about the Nanning Manual rice noodles(鎵嬫Θ绫崇矇) . Maybe it is the most popular rice noodles for the people who lives in Nanning.


This is the definition from wikipedia, to help you know better about this popular food in Nanning.


Well, maybe the foods is the most difficult part of my translation. And what I can do here is introducing some common public Chinese food. This is a beginning.

Rice noodles: the most popular breakfast in Nanning

Brief show you what delicious food does this city have and some kinds of Local Flavors.

old friend noodles
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