In China mainland, most of the new students need to take part in a military training when they get into a new school. So do we here.

Parade in the last day of military training

閭(Yong) is what Nanning been called in Chinese for short, it is a unique single Chinese character to name a place. It is part of Nanning Culture.

Character "Yong" means Nanning in Chinese Calligraphy

In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, there are more than a dozen local languages. This post shows you what we speak in Nanning.

sinitic languages mark with Nanning location

I recommend an album today. All the photos in this album is about many little moments of life in Nanning. you can see many details which you can’t see in other places, but they are really parts of our life here.

moments of life in Nanning

Brief show you what delicious food does this city have and some kinds of Local Flavors.

old friend noodles

Brief of Nanning’s transportation system. Nanning has a developed solid transport net including airway, railway, highway and waterway.

Wuxu Airport

Nanning is my home. In this article, you can get more information and pitcures about this city besides wikipedia.

Nanning City
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