Apr.5 is the Tomb-sweeping Day in China, also known as Qingming Festival(娓呮槑鑺). A very important day for grave sweeping.

Qingming in the cemetery, Guangxi China

In lunar New Year’s Day, you can see a lot of people go to the temples, burn incense and worship the Buddha, pray for good fortunes in a new year

memorial arch in QinXiu Mountan. Nanning,Guangxi,China

I find that I can’t get any locations of churches in Nanning by using English google maps. Then I make one on my own. Base on the google maps Chinese version and my memory.

nanning church

The information shows that there are at least two protestant church in Nanning. But none of these churches have more public information on the Internet. Here is as far as I can go:

Zhong shan Road Church

Location of Nanning Catholic Church. added a google maps navigation.

Nanning catholice church in 2006

today I see an impressive picture. It is taken from one of churches in Nanning. Well, Nice shadow.


This time let me tell you more about this mosque and my personal experience.

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