Guangxi is the nearest China province to Vietnam. You can go to Vietnam by bus from Nanning Langdong Bus Station everyday morning. Of course you need to have the Vietnam visa first.

Langdong bus station in Nanning, Guangxi, China

In this post I will introduce the 5 main coach stations in Nanning, for those people who go into or go out of Nanning by long-distance bus.

Naning JiangNan Coach Station

More info about bus in Nanning like details of the bus and how to choose the right bus.

Bus in Nanning, China

Buses are the most important part of public transit system in Nanning. Maybe a few years latter some bus routes will be replaced by city light rail, but the buses are still the most popular public transport in this city.


Electric bicycles become a new sence in Nanning city today. When you walk on the stree, you can see them almost everywhere. WHY?


Brief of Nanning’s transportation system. Nanning has a developed solid transport net including airway, railway, highway and waterway.

Wuxu Airport
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