Tips in Nanning, China

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Here I would like to write some “Common Sense” in Nanning and most of them are the same with other places of China. These tips may be helpful if you travel around China.

  • When you use Google maps, don’t choose satelite imagery. That satellite image was taken in 2003 and no update ever since then. Which means there are so many changes happened in Nanning city makes the image no longer accurate.
  • Suggest you to use Street map mode, that map is provided by Chinese navigation Company and it’s more accurate.
  • You don’t need to leave tips in normal restaurants. And in the hotels is all up to you.
  • You walk on the right side of the road, like in American, not like in UK or Japan. So when you walk across the street, look the left then the right. Suggest to go on a zebra crossing.
  • postalcode in Nanning:
    This postalcode is available for all the area in Nanning.
  • There are some western restaurants in Nanning city, but not every waiter could speak English. Well, unless you are in a 4stars hotel.
  • In many Chinese fast food restaurants, you can see many Chinese people use spoon and fork to eat. But they offer bamboo chopsticks too.
  • Vehicles are not allow to blare horns in the city. Don’t feel strange when you find no car horn.
  • Some front seats in the bus which are orange or have diffferent color from the others are for the old people, pregnant woman or disabled people first.

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2 Responses to “Tips in Nanning, China”

  1. Hello!!
    Just find your website…it looks quite interesting!!
    I just arrived in Nanning 2 days ago and I-m looking for a place to stay because I will study mandarin for one year in the guangxi university for nationalities…I went there today..but hhhmmm it-s damn so a big campus!!I feel lost!! Do you know where I can go to find an apartment near the campus?? and by the way can you tell me when the lessons begin (I tried to contact university but could-nt reach them and in the official letter they send me it was only written that i have to register with all my papers between 1st september until 30th of october…the only information they give me…wouhou…!!).
    well thanks for your help and maybe we-ll meet around! See ya

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Your website is amazing, thank you for your huge work!

    I hope you will get my email, please let me know something about the rental fees in central of Nanning!

    Thank you very much, and congrats for your photos too,


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