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Hi everyone, I am the admin of, you can called me Bruce.
I register a twitter accout named NanningHere, if you are not in Mainland China or you have

an access to visit it, you can follow me or leave me a message there too. Now the twitter account NanningHere is set to be auto updated with RSS feed of, When I have time, I may update it with more imformation.

I am glad that in the past few days some people sent me an e-mail to tell me that they like my site. I am happy my site can be that helpful. But in the next 6 weeks, I need to focus on my final exam of this semester, which means I am not usually online and sorry I may not reply in time. But I will try my best to keep updating posts on my site. If you have any question or you want me to write something about Nanning, China, send me an email or leave a message on my site, I will do what I can to answer you question.

If anyone like to write something you know about Nanning and want to post on my site, contact me as well.


my site is not support the IE6, cosI have no time to make it. So if any one visit my site with IE6, sorry for the horrible UI.


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  1. Thanks Bruce, Wish you all the best with your Exams.

  2. Thanks, Bruce, for the website. I have an acquaintance in Nanning who I am learning to know better. This site helps a lot!. Cheers (How’d the exams go?)

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